IdIoTTwin KraPPY KristmeSS

Christmas with the Shit Twins is ShiTTY.

Non-stop disappointments and when MY ACTUAL HUSBAND and I make the best of it, they do something else craPPY.

First my husband couldn’t come home for Christmas. He was supposed to be home in January. We decided to do Christmas in January with each other and our family in Oklahoma.

Then he couldn’t get off work in January, so it is supposed to be the END of January into February. I haven’t seen him in person since July. I was nice about it because what can he do? WE are BOTH IN THE IDIOTTWINS’ PRISON. We have NO say over our lives at all.

We have the Google video display to talk together over. WE have used that to keep close by sitting for hours on it. We make the best of it by saying that it is like sitting in the same room together, but we can watch what each of us want to on tv. So now there is always some reason my husband can’t be on the video chat with me.

Obviously all the obstacles between me and my husband are all put there to “punish” us for not being IdIoTTwin kiss-asses. And we are very self sufficient people so we just work with the obstacles. What real choice do we have anyway? But to realize it’s all petty bullshit by petty little wannabe dictator IdIoTTwins…. It’s infuriating. I flip you both off, Terry and Kerry Assholes. I know you are reading this. F*** YOU!


I realized when I was putting up the Christmas tree this year that James and I are one of the few couples that are still together from our age group. The IdIoTTwins have no real relationships. None of the rest of those losers had meaningful relationships with a couple of exceptions. The IdIoTTwins are trying to butt into our marriage and pretend they had something to do with it so they don’t look so freakish and pathetic. Like sticking their noses into someone else’s marriage and trying to act like they are the real husband isn’t pathetic? It is the most pathetic, moronic, loser act I have ever seen or heard of. They are just making themselves look dumber and dumber to people.

All that bullshit bravado from their party days just looks ignorant now that they are getting old and only have each other. They have family and “friends” they pay for. They don’t have any real relationships. They never will, either. To have a real relationship is not to just have someone like you. It is to self sacrifice for one another willingly, without coercion, and to care for one another. The IdIoTTwins have never sacrificed themselves for anyone and they never will. They spend all their time trying to be first, to get everything for themselves, to have all the attention. They have to be the center of attention and own everything. They don’t care about relationships. They think that is stupid. But now they are getting old and they look like the stupid ones.

So suddenly a reveal of their interference in my life in 2015 and a coup attempt on my marriage ever since.

I hate both of you,
Terry and Kerry Young.

Get out of my marriage! Get out of my life!

You are pathetic losers and all your bellowing and bellyaching and fit-throwing just proves it. Shut up and get out!


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