The IdIoTTwins, The Programmable Woman, and Her Husband

The IdIoTTwins are spoiled rich kids to the absolute extreme. So much so that they bought into a program where they were supposed to get a decommissioned programmable woman after the military no longer had her on standby. She was married to her handler, but she didn’t know any of this.

I am that programmable woman. I have no idea what the real name for it is, but I am a Monarch Slave. That’s the only title I have seen for it. It was part of the Operation Paperclip after WWII, but still goes on to this day. It gets different code names and some of the treatment of the victims chosen for this type of service changes, but its still the same basic program. From what has been signaled to me they, and I mean “they” because I have no real understanding of how many people have access to this program, can put me under hypnosis remotely and then plant whole series of things for me to do. Later I am triggered with whatever they have chosen, I don’t notice because that is part of the trigger. I am supposed to forget the trigger. Then I do x, y, z. Imagine how appealing that would be to unscrupulous men, i.e. IdIoTTwins.

From all the whining I have heard through the handlers and mouthpieces for the IdIoTTwins, I am supposed to: not question anything; follow detailed orders on command, not just through programming; worship them; praise them no matter how stupid they are; agree to any perverted thing they even hint at; and have absolutely no needs of my own. Even with brainwashing and programming this is insane on the surface of it.

First of all I have needs. I am human. Even the most basic needs makes them mad. They get frustrated and throw fits when I need rest and cannot function in the way they demand at all times. They demand constant praise, coddling, and to be the center of attention at all times. If I need one second for myself, they think they have been cheated and are throwing fits. I get punished, like I have committed some kind of unforgivable sin.

Secondly, in order to do this horrible crime against my own humanity, I have had to be traumatized since I was born and programmed, programmed, programmed during the periods of time where I “check out” because I can’t take the pain anymore. The IdIoTTwins traumatize me constantly. In doing so, I am not 52 years old, I have decades of what is basically brain damage from the IdIoTTwins and their family. I no longer function on an even remotely normal level. Random things trigger things from an entire lifetime of trauma. They have no idea what all has been programmed into me from all the trauma. They weren’t around for all of it, but they wouldn’t pay attention anyway. They have the combined attention span of less than a gnat between them. In their usual way of just skipping over everything that they don’t have any interest in, they skipped right over the part that it takes a lot of concentration and patience to program a person in the way possible for me. AND as I age I become more unstable, making it harder for me to function normally, but also harder to do the stuff they are trying to program into me.

Then there is the perverted, unnatural sexual appetites IN THE IDIOTTWINS. They keep acting like I am some sexual deviant. They have spread those rumors about me for my entire life. But it turns out that I am not a sexual deviant like they had hoped for. They keep trying to send me messages of the gross sexual stuff they want to do with me. One of the sickest is Kerry and his sweaty, hairy feet that he used to have in front of me all winter in his Birkenstocks. I thought he just had bad hygiene and sweated a lot, so he wore sandals in the snow and every other type of weather. Turns out he thought that he was triggering me to let him have sex with me with his feet. Gross! Now he has my husband be barefoot all the time and wave his feet around like a crazy person, even using them to point at things. Actually, maybe it is supposed to be Terry because he pretends to be the Mad Monk, who supposedly went around barefoot. I really don’t care which one of the gross perverts it is. I have no interest. Every time I see it, my stomach turns over and I feel like throwing up. They are not making me feel anything like sex. I feel repulsed, violated, and like I have been raped. Maybe they have raped me. I wouldn’t be surprised. They are so stupid that they would think that I could be raped and instead of it being the most horrific thing that ever happened to me, since it was them, they would think it was like a turn on. It is so sickening. I cannot describe how violated and used I feel. I cannot express how much I loathe those IdIoTTwins…BOTH of them!

I think that the small amount of time I knew them in real life they think they programmed me and set in place triggers. First of all that was already about 20 years ago. Those triggers most likely wouldn’t last that long unless it was done by an expert. It would have to have been done by not only an expert programmer, but someone who was an expert about me personally. The IdIoTTwins are clueless all the way around. They are only experts in being spoiled baby-men. Whatever half-ass crap shoot programming the probably did with me is long gone in a sea of confusion, lost memories, and vague horrors that work like paralysis on me. I freeze up and just sort of float along for days before I can get back to living my life in the present. While I am paralyzed anymore I get so confused that no one can do anything with me, not even my husband, my real handler.

That brings me to my husband. I understand that he must have been assigned to me and taught how to program me. He was probably programmed as well by whoever was in charge of us. Clearly, that person was NOT the IdIoTTwins. They pretended they were a part of our marriage, but they weren’t actively a part of what was going on. Far be it from these fool men, who pretend to their cult-like following that they are gods, to actually do any real work. They wanted everyone else to do the work and then they would swoop in for the reward and glory at the end. That’s how they live their entire lives. They don’t do anything on a consistent basis. Everything is by their spoiled, selfish whims. It’s not working in this case. If they wanted a programmable human slave, they would have had to put in the work themselves, and they didn’t. It’s too late now. But my husband and I are constantly being punished for the IdIoTTwins laziness and stupidity.

My husband cannot program me for the IdIoTTwins. No one can. It doesn’t work that way. Showing up a few times and then having people try to keep those triggers didn’t work. They knew it didn’t work. If it had have worked then I would not have quit talking to both of them in 2000 and got on with my life. But they blame everyone else for their laziness and stupidity. They are anything but godlike. They are two bumbling fools, who are having to deal with that now that they aren’t getting their way.

It is ridiculous to see them making my husband glare at me and treat me in ways he has never treated me in our marriage together until this stupid “reveal” where I was supposed to go to the IdIoTTwins, like my marriage wasn’t real and I was just waiting on the word to rush to the fool twins. They really believed that. It was absurdly juvenile wishful thinking in men in their 50s. Just shows how they have not had to live real lives. They live in a bubble world where they just get what they want because they are surrounded by people willing to do that. Well, I don’t want them and I don’t care what they want. I am repulsed by them. With or without my husband, I do not want the IdIoTTwins in anyway.

I keep telling them that. I keep writing it. I scream it to the rooftops. I fight them every way I am able to. They act like I am just some wild horse they are going to beat to death if I don’t conform. Well, I am not wild. I love my real husband and I will not be with these bumbling fools just because they are rich and wish it to be true. It is not true. I am not living a lie to accommodate more of their stupidity. Isn’t the world suffering enough from these IdIoTTwins having too much power? It’s these rich idiots; all of them, who are the problem, not me and all of humanity. They have billions of dollars and billions of reasons why they have a right to destroy lives to have that ridiculous amount of money. They have billions of reasons why nothing works right. Everything is everyone else’s responsibility. They don’t think they should be held accountable for anything. Every failure is someone else’s fault. Whine. Whine. Whine. All they do is feel sorry for themselves and whine. No matter how they present anything, if you listen we are supposed to feel sorry for them and to blame ourselves or someone else for everything that is wrong.

And that is their ultimate goal with me. I am supposed to feel sorry for them and baby them, like a horrible mom, not like a woman. I am supposed to say that the big scary world is mean to them, they are justified for all their failures, and all the cruel things they have done are to be praised as “boys being boys”. “They are all boy.” Sickening. Wait, while I puke my guts up. I would rather kill myself than baby these monsters. They should be held accountable for all their crimes against humanity. They should be in prison for how they have treated my family, not to mention countless others.

And here is the really weird thing about all of this: people worship money and power. They already have people worshipping them. They could pay an entire host of women to worship them, and to have weird sex with them in every way possible. There is no reason at all to destroy my marriage, torture me, and ruin my life. All they have to do is walk away and leave me to the people who were taking care of me all along. They certainly weren’t involved in my life even behind the scenes. They always have “a guy” that does this or that specialty work. There was probably several “guys” who have handled me throughout the years, most of all my own husband, the only person I even remotely trust anymore. They could just leave us together to grow old.

No. They have to get all the glory. They want to act like all that was done in my life over the years was all them. Everyone knows they don’t do a damn thing. Even if they could program me and get me to agree to worship them, no one would believe it. They are only fooling themselves. Everyone else is sitting around laughing at them, like they always have been. It’s not my fault they are lazy and stupid and can’t take anyone laughing at them. They make fun of me and everyone else on the planet constantly. They pretend they are joking, but they are bitterly angry at everyone. They think everyone is cheating them in some way and out to get them. They have more brain damage than I do. They have been drugging, drinking, partying for their entire lives with no touch with reality in their rich bubble. Now they have to deal with the tiniest bit of reality and they are completely melting down.

So my husband and I sit with each other over video phone. We can’t talk because the IdIoTTwins have to dominate every conversation. My husband goes barefoot and waves his feet around like he is having convulsions. I am repulsed and feel shock and have to fight that to be with my husband. The IdIoTTwins have poisoned my marriage and everything in my life. I want the IdIoTTwins out! I mean completely out of the picture, like they were for most of my life. I want my husband, my real husband, just the two of us. I do not want the IdIoTTwins in my marriage.

On a side note, but completely relevant to this, I wake up hearing “you have had a good nights sleep. you feel rested.” in my head. Or I wake up to “be quiet. don’t talk. don’t say anything.” over and over. I will be trembling and feel like I am going to pass out all day after nights like that. I have woke up talking out loud like I am having a conversation with someone. It is creepy, weird, and scary. I know they have their people in here trying to crack the code of how to program me. It is not going to work. Before my Dad died, he said, “They are all dead. It is all gone. There is nothing anyone can do about it.” I think he was referring to the original programmers who set up the internal structure to me. No doubt the IdIoTTwins “have a guy” who supposedly is an expert in cracking these codes. I am seriously afraid that my husband and I are in limbo for the rest of our lives. The IdIoTTwins are too prideful and stupid to just let it go. They can’t be told “no”. They think they were cheated by not being able to take over my life and use me like a living puppet. It’s so stupid. They can just pay people and there they have living puppets. If they don’t want to tell them what to do, then “have a guy” tell them for them. They can even pay them to pretend they are Monarch Slaves. There is no reason whatsoever to continue putting me and my husband through this.

But most of all there is no reason at all for them to continue putting me through this. I have been through all I can take. I am on the decline. I am very far from functioning on the level I used to. But I can feel they hit a wall and I am being re-traumatized with quacks trying to remotely and on-site build on top of what was originally put in me and make some kind of makeshift work around. And I suffer. Just because they tell my waking mind everything is ok does not mean that I feel at all like everything is ok. Nothing is ok.

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