The IdIoTTwins Need to be Brought to Justice

The IdIoTTwins are back to signaling through my husband like some kind of spazzing freaks. I have been watching “The Crown” show on Netflix. I watched part where the grandmother forgave her torturers and said her faith was everything. It was very moving. I disagree with her vehemently.

If everyone took that approach, then Hitler would have won. The IdIoTTwins agree with Hitler, by the way. They are forever trying to get by me on a technicality of MY faith. They keep trying to use Christianity against me. I do NOT forgive them. They are using that as a LEGAL term. They need to be brought to justice. Since all this is in shadow governments, then they need to be brought to justice in the shadow government. I still think they need to be executed for torturing my sister to death.

Their entire family needs to be executed or at least locked away with no chance of freedom for using my mom against our entire family. Justice needs to be done. I can’t go to court over it because it is top secret national security for several nations. These nations including the US and Britain need to execute justice in this case. The IdIoTTwins and their entire family need to be taken out of anything to do with national security and top secret information. They need to be demoted to below citizen and put at the level of criminals not to be trusted.

I do not agree with Operation Paperclip, the Monarch Program, are any versions of these crimes against humanity. I do not agree with destabilizing our own nation or allies. I do not agree with our allies destabilizing our government. Like that old saying, “With friends like that, who needs enemies.”

I am never going to change my mind about these things. I want the IdIoTTwins and their family removed from my life altogether. Even if that means I never have anything to do with my nieces or even my husband because they are participating in these evil programs. I would sacrifice my life and everything I hold dear to see these IdIoTTwins stopped in their tracks and brought to justice. I should not have to sacrifice these things, but I would.

At war people fight for loved ones. That is what keeps them going through the very worst of it. Not high ideals and patriotic fervor, but real, tangible loved ones. In my battles for my country my loved ones have been used as the enemy. As if war wasn’t horrible enough, the form of fighting these shadow governments use is a perversion of war. They turn every war, including spy wars, into civil war. If they have captured my extended family and even my husband, then it still does NOT change what true justice is. These people who have never served their military, do not live by any ideals except for purely self idolatry, have no business in the top levels of military government.

The IdIoTTwins should be banned from my life in every form possible and in the strictest terms. Moreover, they should be banned from spy work, shadow governments, and anything to do with national security for any nations. They should have to pay the highest price, but rich jerks like them always get to slip through the noose. That does not mean they shouldn’t pay the highest price possible for destroying lives. I think it was all intentional, but even if it was all an accident, they are too stupid to be in charge of anyone’s life. It is like they get convicted of manslaughter and put right back in charge of the family they slaughtered. Just because they are the most incompetent, moronic fools alive does not give them an excuse to destroy my family by accident. They clearly cannot be trusted to sensitive, high level responsibilities.

I do NOT forgive Terry and Kerry. I want them barred from my life in every way possible. I want them stripped of privilege in the shadow governments and top secret access. These IdIoTTwins should not be in charge of any government business.

I want them OUT of my marriage forever.

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