Missouri Plates: Some Woman Was Out in front of My House Yelling at Me from Her Car Just Now!

When I got out of my car just now after doing some shopping at Hobby Lobby some woman was yelling at me from her car saying something like, “real big”. I don’t know what she was saying. When I started to walk out and talk to her she sped off. Then she sped back by. She was in some maroon SUV with tinted windows. If she hadn’t had her window down I wouldn’t have been able to see her.

Today was all about my mom’s side of the family. Therapy my therapist talked about all the theft in nursing homes. My mom’s family are a bunch of thieves. They say I stole money from them, but I didn’t. I told them I wasn’t able to care for my mother. They said they would take care of her and for me not to worry. Then they said the $3000 life insurance we had on her was making her income too much for social security, so we cancelled it. They said they had taken care of her insurance. When she died they made all the arrangements and sent me paperwork for a life insurance policy my Dad had taken out on her. He kept it even after they divorced in 2007. She died in 2018. That is not my mom’s families’ money. My Dad paid for that. It is my money. They were supposed to take care of her life insurance. I am sure they did and have gotten paid for her death. They just want Dad’s money too. Not going to get it. I was the beneficiary. If they had set something up with my mom they would have made them the beneficiary. I also asked the insurance company who took out the life insurance and they gave me my Dad’s name.

I don’t owe you anything – Everyone on mom’s side of the family. I know through this shadow system you are seeing this. You shouldn’t, but you are. I am telling you that I saved that money and you are not getting it. It’s none of your business, but I didn’t even spend it. It is in savings. You cannot have it.

Also I wrote about one of my uncles on my mom’s side being part of a murder. That’s wasn’t the only one. They killed some poor black guy named John Wayne, who used to drive my mom around for them. I am not sure they were the murderers, but they were involved.

I also know that around 2000 they broke into a neighbor’s farm home and stole 10 to 15 thousand dollars they had found out he had. They tore up the place to make it look like a theft. Mom was very upset and preaching to them about it. I still innocently thought my uncles were rough, but sort of justified. They said the guy owed them money and that the law wouldn’t do anything about it. I didn’t realize how bad they really were. When I went to work at Babbages, I told Kerry Young when he came in. He looked like he had seen a ghost. I had no idea he could know my family in any way. I told him that I had come from a rough family, too. He had said he had come from a rough family. I was just sharing family stories. So he knew about it all this time. So did Terry, if Kerry knew. They are basically one person no matter what a show they put on about being different.

Later when I was in my 40s in late 2000s and 2010s my Dad started telling me to have nothing to do with David and Gary. He said they were basically small town thugs running Fordland Missouri outside of Springfield like some local “godfathers”. He said Gary joked that he was The Godfather of Fordland. That’s when I started to put together all the crazy stories mom had told over the years and to realize that after Dad died to not have anything to do with those people.

I know hardly anything about any of them and even the tiny bit I have gleaned has shown that they are backed by some powerful crooked people. Now I realize it has to be these damn IdIoTTwins. I do not want anything to do with my mom’s side of the family or the IdIoTTwins.

If anything happens to me, then you will know where to look, if anyone cares.

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