Could Use Some Help Here Dealing with The IdIoTTwins

Can anyone hear me?

Are all of you out there going to pretend you can’t hear me?

Isn’t there anyone who is honest and brave left on the earth?

I got up this morning trembling and weak for no apparent reason. My lips are burned like chemical burns. I have tried changing what I eat, taking more Benadryl…all the obvious stuff.

I had nightmares all night of being lost in the dark in some huge house with a million rooms and none of them with one light in them. I was utterly in the dark and alone. Everything in the house was broken, falling apart, and rotting. I just wandered from one room to the next all night. I had the sense someone was following me making sure I didn’t find any light nor anything useful.

That certainly describes my life.

Then I got in the shower and it backed up for no apparent reason. We just flushed all the pipes in the spring last year. I keep the water running when it is cold. It’s not even cold enough here most of the time to freeze anything anyway. By mid day it is in the 50s and the pipes should not be frozen.

And I’m still trembling and weak all over, like I have the flu, but I don’t.

I know there are a million every day wisdom items to apply to these situations, but I am not a child. I know all of that and I have done it.

I need help. I am fighting cruel horrendous men in the dark. They are idiots, but that just makes them all that more cruel. They don’t feel human emotion unless they see someone scream, cry, moan, turn red, or some other extreme physical reaction. They have me in a labyrinth, like a lab rat, and are incapable of interpreting anything subtle. They are constantly putting ridiculous, over-the-top obstacles not only in my life, but in my body and mind.

I understand I am supposed to be this programmable person, who could be used effectively in some substantial capacity, but these fools just want to see screams, bloody lips, and my body trembling. They want to rape, rob, and eventually slow kill me.


Come on! I need real American Military Assistance to deal with these monsters, Terry and Kerry and their entire nest of perverts, thieves, and murderers. A few good men or women here, please! I need help. If you are part of the American Military and are helping these British assholes slow kill me, then you are traitors to our country. You are supposed to protect Americans first, not rich oil assholes.

Please, get me away from these IdIoTTwins any way possible. Disappear me. Take me somewhere they can never find me. They are morons. It can’t be that hard.

Can’t I be in something like Witness Protection. It is clear these men want to discredit and destroy me because I am an innocent, honest witness to their corruption.

Either way these IdIoTTwins need to be probed and investigated to the minutest detail. Every way you look will be corruption.

They are hurting America, not helping us.

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