Programmable Doll of the IdIoTTwins Begs You to Kill Me Painlessly

It all sinks in and I finally get it. The reason I wasn’t allowed to have children, a career, any friends, or be close to any of my family is that I am owned by rich assholes. They planned when I was no longer being used by the military that they would share me. I am stuck in this house by myself with no future. With no hope. I just exist from day to day. They come in and rape me at will. I am knocked out and being used with code words to get me to do what they want. It’s not by my will though.

Now I realize why people look scared when they see me. Why they stare when I move or talk. Why I can’t interact with anyone anywhere in a real way. I guess I am some old warhead stored away for disposal. These rich assholes just keep me around to abuse.

My lips are killing me. I am sick at my stomach. They keep putting this poisonous botox stuff in my lips. It hurts so bad. I would never do this to myself. They don’t care if they poison me, hurt me, make me miserable. No one treats me as a person.

And worst of all my own husband I have loved dearly has betrayed me. He was my handler and keeper for all these spies and rich assholes.

It wouldn’t make any difference if I divorced him. I would still be living alone with these assholes raping me at will. No doubt they have people watch and wonder at how they can control a woman like a robot. They probably make millions trafficking me via the internet.

And during my waking life I am a wife, a Christian, and a decent person.

No wonder everyone has made fun of my marriage and how loyal I have been to my husband.

No wonder they killed my sister, my only friend, so we couldn’t grow old together. That was our plan. After the kids were grown we would spend all our time together and the guys could do whatever they wanted.

I have nothing. I am just a weird oddity in the Terry and Kerry Freak Show.

They don’t show me any respect for being used for my country. I am just treated like a washed up old whore to be disrespected and abused.

Terry and Kerry are gay. They run with racists, sexists, and biggots, so they have to hide it. But they abuse me, taking out all their frustration with women on me. They don’t take responsibility for anything. They have dirt on each other; mainly that they have sex with each other. Gay is one thing, but incest sodomy is repellent to almost anyone. All they need is each other. I am just something to use to make money.

I know there are spies who see this. I have asked you to kill the IdIoTTwins because they do not deserve to live. But now I ask that you kill me. Please have mercy on me and don’t let these perverted freaks own me. Please kill me quietly and painlessly. I have nothing to offer by my gratitude.

Please have mercy on me and don’t make me live like this.


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