Brain Damage in the Care of Bozo the Clown and Chicken Little; ie The IdIoTTwins

I do not get any peace in my life even though I am alone almost all the time. The IdIoTTwins have access to top secret military grade experimental technology that access the brain through electromagnetic waves, radiation, and various other naturally occurring elements that we don’t notice in our daily lives. It sounds crazy, but do you think the big money put paid for all those expensive experiments that brought you your cell phone technology so you can stay closer to your loved ones? Do you think they are some benevolent beings trying to better everyone’s lives? Anything that can better life can destroy life. They don’t want us free. They want us remotely controlled. At the very least to the level that they can force people to comply fairly happily with whatever conditions they decide we should live in.

Anyway, my life isn’t some theory. I am a lab rat in a cage and that is my reality every second of every day and night. But the result of them playing games with my life is that I have had the equivalent of minor strokes. My left top lip sags down and I can’t move it up in a smile at times. I have had the entire left side of my head seize and hold itself in a strange sensation of pain and nothingness. I don’t know if the pain gets so bad I can’t feel anything or if I can’t feel part of the body in pain. I just know things are not functioning correctly.

I have brain damage. Supposedly from PTSD, not necessarily from being beaten by my mom as a kid. In the experiments they had people beat their kids, neglect them, etc. Kids that are resilient are useful and hated. They can be used in some ways in others they always find a way to escape the abuse. That’s how they survive. I am a survivor.

I am still surviving.

They are still at me all the time.

The thing they have started since I got back to Oklahoma is to have someone come in my house when I am sleeping. I sleep so hard that a bomb couldn’t wake me. It is induced by their technology. I wake up with my lips numb and stinging around the edges. I can see the tiny little places they pricked to put the poison in my lips – botox. No doubt they spread some rumor about me being vain and having work done. Why do they go to all this trouble and who knows how much money? So when people see me I don’t look like I have been beaten, have brain damage, have endured many minor strokes. They want to make it look like I am fine. They supposedly haven’t done anything all that bad to me. Supposedly I am just difficult and a whiner. The absolute opposite is true.


I HATE them.

I am looking forward to dying where I won’t be attacked, manipulated, held against my will, violated, lied about, and abused. I long for one real moment of peace. One hour where I am not meditating and physically fighting against pain, negative thoughts, mood manipulation to make me feel miserable. I don’t care about all the outside stuff. I want one span of time of peace. I will get it when I die.

The IdIoTTwins want control. They can’t control and micromanage enough. Even when they get their way, they are never satisfied. They always want more control. When they die, they won’t have any control.

I will be there on the other side to see it.

Then I will be at peace.

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