Bozo the Clown and Chicken Little Are White Foreigners Trying to Get the Different Races to Fight in America

Bozo the Clown, Terry, and Chicken Little, Kerry, are white British racists sowing racial discord in the United States.

I was hit particularly hard last night and today by the IdIoTTwin spy ring. First, my dreams were an actual pageant of all the people in Alaska, who tortured me. I would like to note there were no people of darker skin color in the pageant except for Ken, the biggest traitor to all that is decent, good, and in harmony, who has ever walked the earth. He acts in a smooth manner while weaving webs of discord that catch the prey unaware. Since he is half Japanese, he gets access to all sorts of high level organizations as an insider…organizations for the protection and betterment of the people of minorities within. But he is working to make all the races fight one another. This is a direct command to him from the IdIoTTwins, who are racist and insane. They want to bring back the United States as part of the British Empire again.

British Empire – a little island of inbred people, who got drunk on military power and went and raped all the peoples of the world. They are nothing now. They have lost their empire. They are not going to get the United States. At the moment the Russians have control through Trump and his Russian Mail Order Bride. They are nothing like a president and First Lady, but that is a whole other can of worms I don’t want to get into. All I will say is that since I no longer can work, I have the popcorn ready for the televised Impeachment proceedings. I might even open a Twitter account to watch the play by play moronic reactions of reality TV star, Trump, to the proceedings. He is a spoiled moronic baby on the scale of these IdIoTTwins. No doubt they all partied together in the 80s with the cocaine and women flowing. Cocaine makes people feel like they are gods and these fools believed the drug addicted high. No doubt they are all still chasing that high and cannot get it back in their old used and abused bodies.

But the IdIoTTwins don’t want what Trump wants. They just want him to look stupid so Americans will keep looking for a new Savior and eventually pick to go back to inbred British rule. Can you imagine those power hungry freaks in control of OUR military. They would destroy the world. Trumps doing a good job of it for the Russians. I think the British would be worse. They would be eloquent and heartless, just like they always have been. They would destroy all the strong people and talk the others to death.

Hence a henchman like Ken. He has a silver tongue. When discussing the “Lord of the Rings” he referred to himself as Wormtongue. Watch it and read it again…and get a clue.

But back to the night I had. I kept trying to look away as Ken went by as a disrespect and the replayed it over and over until they forced me to look. They were forcing this feeling of homage to the whole scene and especially Ken, but all I could feel deep inside was rage and hate. I was thinking I wished I could have mass poisoned those asses when I lived up there and they forced me to put together these “potlucks” in honor of them. In the end I didn’t get any honor and simply could not work anymore. There was no banquet in honor of me. They sent the police to my house to see where I was and that was it. Then I got a letter in the mail saying I no longer worked there. And they forced me to watch all of them parade by me with everyone oohing and awing, clapping and cheering them.

I kept trying to force Norma into the proceedings and Dot, but no matter how much I tried, I could not get them in there for honor they really deserved. They weren’t posers like the rest of those horrible white people. They both really tried to help me and it cost them everything. The IdIoTTwins managed to make me turn against them, too, in fear. Everyone else turned out to be IdIoTTwin lackeys, so I was not sure about Norma and Dot anymore. In my dream, though, deep in my heart, I knew they really were good people. The IdIoTTwins tried to force me to bow to them and theirs in my sleep and in my soul. It backfired on them. Fighting their fake feelings I divined my true feelings.

I woke up exceedingly groggy. That happens when I spend all night fighting with Bozo the Clown, the pageant worshipper, and Chicken Little, who doesn’t have the guts to stand up to the Clown. That is the only way the Clown gets away with all the horrific things he does. That is absolutely the only way. All the billions of the world could not save Terry if Kerry wasn’t protecting him. The blood of countless innocents are on the hands of both of them, but I hate Kerry more, because he isn’t crazy like his twin. He is just a coward. His cowardice makes all that ridiculous, cruel, and insane mess that surrounds the IdIoTTwins at all times possible. Kerry makes it happen.

I was watching a show with a sniper in it yesterday. He was saying that he was trained to sit and watch a person day and night for long stretches of time. He pretended he was part of the persons life. He knew stuff no one would probably know about the person right down to his favorite glass for tea and a different one for milk. I went to sleep thinking of how these spies are watching me like that. There has to be a ring of them because no one can watch me 24/7. So they plan mean shit for me. It’s worse than domestic violence, which is usually done in the heat of the moment. These people plan this crap among them.

When I woke up all groggy and knew they had somehow drugged me and been working on me in my dreams, I knew the day would be a mess. They use that momentum to get things really going. So I was sitting there waking up and I sneezed. I usually don’t. Then I blew my nose. Blood started pouring from my nose. I am not given to nose bleeds. It was pouring. I only had a few Kleenex left. I thought about how they knew that when they set this nose bleed up. I put all by one Kleenex on my nose and ran to the bathroom. I made up salt solution with Neil med kit. I cleaned my nose and pools of blood poured in the sink basin. I thought of how they know that poop, vomit, snot, and all the bodily fluids don’t really bother me, but I cannot stand blood. I used to faint at the sight of blood. I have gotten a little better, but being drugged, groggy, and suddenly bleeding like crazy…it was a shock. I kept telling myself I would be ok. But I felt this was unfair on a level I cannot express. They attack every tiny thing in my life. I spend most of my life navigating this minutia of tedious attacks. I cannot live my life when I spend all of it protecting myself and taking care of myself because I am under constant attack.

Constant. There isn’t one detail they miss.

I went to look for Kleenex, which I knew they already knew where it was. When I went to reach for it in the closet, it was sitting at a strange angle. As I reached all the way out and back, it felt like someone took my arm and jerked it even further back than it can go. My entire right arm, my side, and my back felt like I had been attacked. I screamed out in pain and shock. It was impossible for me to reach further back than I could. I didn’t push my arm back. I couldn’t if I tried. Reaching for my arm with my left hand would have given it slack. I don’t care how they do that stuff. I call it assault. I am sick of being assaulted. They do it in my home, but also right out in public.

At the moment I was feeling of my arm to see if it was ok, I could smell the bleach-like smell that comes when I am in shock. It burned my nose this time because my nose was raw. They put that smell/drug in the air when I am overcome and about to freak out. I knew it had all been planned.

I sat for a minute and a big beetle that looked like a roach came out of the entertainment center. I hate bugs and they know that also. I beat it to death. There is a certain cathartic nature of picturing beating the IdIoTTwins to death. I cleaned that up.

The cat had pooped in the floor. I cleaned that up and took out her kitty litter. As I cleaned that outside, there were men moving items from one vehicle to the other at the edge of my property. They started talking very loudly in a foreign language. At that time I noticed an autumn decoration I hung up had been knocked to the ground. I picked it up and fixed it as the men talked even louder in a foreign language. I watched them for a while. They live at the edge of my property. On the other side of me people live who speak Spanish. I thought about how the people closest to me – the husband – helped me with my yard the first year hear, but then my favorite hedge that shares the fence with his backyard was chopped down. It was actually hacked down. I thought about how all of these yard issues were made to look like maybe people of foreign backgrounds had something to do with it. It was obviously a frame-up in my opinion.

They IdIoTTwins just want us all fighting with each other in order to get a foothold in the States. We are rich with resources and people power. If they can beat us down and use us while they take our resources, that would be perfect for them. Meanwhile, Terry acts the fool, and Kerry acts the alarmist apocalyptic moron.

I thought about the horrible room mate I had when I finally got an office space at my job. She was Mexican and a stuck up ridiculous figure. She worked at the Mexican Embassy part time. They seemed to be nice people. She was reverse racist and was sticking it to me, the white girl, as much as possible. She really was horrible, but she didn’t really represent an entire race of people. They IdIoTTwins just find the most corrupt and horrible examples of every kind of people to do their dirty work and make people turn against whole groups of people. I still don’t hate Mexicans. I have had run ins with some horrible people who happened to be Mexican, but that was all arranged. It’s a frame job on an entire people.

There are good and bad people on this earth of all colors, races, sexes, backgrounds, and nationalities. The IdIoTTwins are actually making me hate British people, but there are good British people too, who just want a peaceful, productive, and enjoyable life, like all decent people do. It’s these ambitious, power hungry, greedy, hateful, and unscrupulous people that are the problem. For all the pageantry and banquets, they are liars, thieves, con artists, murderers, rapists, and desecrationists of all that is wholesome and good.

I see the little kids next door. I see their mom and grandma. They just want those kids to be safe, have good lives, and to enjoy life. I know that if they make friends with me the IdIoTTwins will make sure none of that happens for them or their kids. I just watch. I don’t get to participate in life. They IdIoTTwins frame me and tell all kinds of lies about me. I can’t get to know anyone enough to disprove it, or that person’s life is over.

But if you see this heed my warning: If you can get away from those IdIoTTwins, then get out. Only death and destruction follow them everywhere they go. If you stick around you will be swept up in it. If I could get out, I would. I have left them to the best of my ability. But if you can get away from them, then save yourselves and your families.

Hopefully these drug addicted, perverted, criminal IdIoTTwins self-implode. Drug addiction and selfishness always lead to self destruction. There are two of them. Hopefully they self-implode and destroy each other. That’s my hope in life. Otherwise, I have no life. If the IdIoTTwins live then I am living a non-life. I have no life with the IdIOTTwins.

Get out if you can.

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