Terry Wishes He Was Rasputin the Mad Monk

Terry’s overarching drama that he acts out is that he is like Rasputin, The Mad Monk. Everything he does is to advance this persona. Rasputin was an empath and could not only understand people’s pain, but also feel it. He could feel all of another person’s emotions which made any encounter with him deeply personal. Terry is the opposite of this. Him and Kerry both are utterly devoid of empathy. Not only can they not empathize, they can’t even sympathize. They don’t even have normal human emotions. They respond to energy the way a bug responds to the floor shaking as you walk by it. That is part of why they have to have such over-the-top emotional displays. Anything less and they wouldn’t notice it in someone else, so they think everyone else cannot understand emotion unless they are bombarded with it.

They do have the creepy thing down. Terry goes around saying stuff like, “That doesn’t scare you or excite you. It does for most people.” He spends a strange amount of time talking about “most people”, like he is a census bureau. It’s boring for one thing, but also creepy. Then when you are an individual and respond to things in a normal, individual way, he acts like you are weird because you are not like “most people”. Really, all of this is because he lacks empathy and if you do not react to what he does like most people would he is at a complete loss. He cannot adjust for it. Since he is only interested in making people do what he wants, above all else to worship him, then he has no interest understanding people. He just bulldozes right over it with some stupid and manic actions and goes bullies his way right past the individual person’s emotions, opinions, or any other individual characteristics.

Kerry is exactly the same except he is more about his own appetites than getting everyone in the world to worship him. He certainly cannot stand to be questioned, though. He has no tolerance for other people’s emotions or opinions.

The IdIoTTwins have enjoyed being raised at the end of the era that thought twins had some kind of spiritual connection. Most of what has been studied has found that it mainly comes from having identical DNA. Ironically most people are not studying twins to see if they have deep spiritual connections and powers, but are studying to see what to expect with cloning humans. So in the end “most people” doing the studies on twins don’t care about the twins feelings, opinions, or abilities.

I am watching this series on Netflix about the last czars of Russia. It is a mixture of movie, documentary, and opinion. Rasputin so far features heavily as does the “f” word and what it represents. The mixing of medias in some bizarre fashion seems like something Terry would do. He’s like a malfunctioning computer that jumps from place to place in the material it is asked to recall.

Terry tries to mix all the religions of the world. He tries to mix everything. He thinks this is creativity and genius, but there’s no real discernment or wisdom behind it. You might as well flip through an exhaustive research on a topic. You would get the same thing as getting “wisdom” from Terry.

Both of the twins are manic. They have times when their energy is off the charts, probably the mixture of drugs, performance anxiety (because they are always putting on a show), and the adrenaline rush of a con artist. They can seem like puppies, literally jumping up and down in excitement. I have seen them crazy and manic to the point I thought that if they peed themselves, like puppies, they wouldn’t even notice. These are the unstable insane people crafting lies about me in order to make my eye witness account of them of no value. The problem is that everyone can see they are unstable and creepy. I don’t think anyone is surprised to find out that behind the scenes they are even more unstable, bizarre, and creepy.

But Rasputin – they are NOT.

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