“The Tudors” and the In-Bred IdIoTTwins

The unnatural lives these royals have lived historically…it leaves me speechless. They may seem more civilized now, but they still live in a bubble. These IdIoTTwins have to be part of that. They are constantly demanding of me unquestioning loyalty. I can’t stand them. I am not loyal to them. They are insane to even act like I should bow and scrape and beg them for the smallest things. The absurd and stupid expectations they have can only come from such in-breeding and corruption.

I think that possibly these rich families are behind the scenes doing “charitable” work among the common people. Apparently our family was picked out before I was ever born to be part of this insanity. Supposedly, I am sure, to “help”. In reality they suppress those not like them and raise up those they can control.

What is amazing to realize is that the common people are more likely to be exceptional than a bunch of people with their cousins and close family marrying and producing kids for hundreds of years. I think this is why the entire world is just getting dumber. I think this is why the IdIoTTwins have to pretend they are geniuses…to hide what all this in-breeding and corruption is really producing.

The rich morons in general have been marketing themselves for all of human history.

I think they pick people from the common people who are like the brand they want to use to market themselves and raise them up. I am the exact opposite of these IdIoTTwins, and I hate them. Every representative they have sent me I have rejected. I have rejected the sex, drug, and rock-n-roll culture I was raised in. I listened to rock music as a kid, but I didn’t party. I especially would not listen to heavy metal. I was appalled that there were heavy metal parties where they were actually killing animals after Ozzy Osbourne bit the head off a bat on stage. I wanted a traditional marriage and really waited to have sex with my husband. I value community. The IdIoTTwins value a snitch system where people are promoted and demoted according to the dirty deeds they will do and the people they will sell out. Even as a kid there was this moronic culture of people being bullied and bullying others to form some kind of pecking order of insanity. It never made sense to me. I kept being voted as class “friendliest” and was considered a nice person. That does not work for the stupid world the IdIoTTwins want.

The IdIoTTwins are desecrationists. This is a perfect term I learned from “The Good Fight” tv show. To desecrate is to violently disrespect something. These IdIoTTwins desecrate everything that is good. They don’t just desecrate God, but all that is wholesome and good. Being friendly and bringing peace into situations makes them insane. It fires all the hatred and insanity that fuels them.

So what are you supposed to do if you are a decent person. I tried over and over in life to go along to get along, but they kept pushing for more. If I didn’t protest a racist, stupid joke, then they kept trying to get me to say and do racist stuff. I didn’t, but they pretended I agreed with them because I did not actively call down these loud brutish men in public when they said something racist. They also constantly made sexist comments which I politely ignored. Am I supposedly a sexist, against all women with myself included? They used the fact that I was nice about their horrible sexist comments to act like I was a lesbian and in fact against women. That is sexist and stupid in itself since lesbian women are often the champions for women’s causes.

No matter what I say or do, and especially when I have been nice, kind, good, a peacemaker, and the like, they have desecrated it. They have desecrated my reputation and lied about me horribly.

I am feeling while I watch the seasons of this show that my life is going to get worse and harder. I think they will try, as I age and my strength fails, to make me turn against God. I think they will cause me such pain and do such unjust things to me that they will try to make me be mean. It’s really not enough to turn against God. They want me to be mean to people.

My mom was clearly on their side. She literally tortured me especially in my teen years. She was the most unrelenting Christian I have ever known. But she only believed in God’s mercy for herself. Everyone else was constantly criticized and attacked by her. She portrayed a cruel and nitpicking Christianity that would turn anyone against God. The IdIoTTwins and their kind are fine with that kind of Christian message. Anything that enslaves and tortures mankind, they forcefully promote.

The only thing that kept my sister and I as Christians was the love of our Dad. He was an alcoholic, but a very gentle hearted person. My sister was naturally like him. I was like my mom, but my Dad would spend time with me, asking my why I thought someone was like this and that. He taught me empathy, not just sympathy. It was like having that empty place so many people feel inside was opened to me. It made me a whole person, someone in touch with all of mankind throughout all human history, and not just a person with a very limited and closed heart. My Dad was ashamed to say he was a Christian because he could not quit alcohol. He was truly humble and grateful to God. I will not close my heart and become less of a person to escape pain from these mentally ill people in charge of my life. I will follow my Dad’s beliefs and not my mom’s. I will not bow to the IdIoTTwins’ way of attacking all who do not blindly follow them. I will not enforce their will in my life much less anyone else’s.

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