It’s All About the Abuse for the Mentally Unstable IdIoTTwins

Everything in my life is set up to beat me down and make me suffer for the IdIoTTwins. They get a big thrill out of seeing suffering.

My husband and I have had a relatively normal and happy marriage in spite of the stupid program we are in and in spite of the efforts of the IdIoTTwins. They have put us through attacks you would not believe if I sat here and wrote them all out. Overall what they have tried to do is use the Bible to bring domestic violence into our lives. You know the verses that are always being abused about how women have to obey their husbands. It doesn’t say you have to accept abuse, but there’s plenty of garbage they can do that is not technically hitting you, but will make you miserable.

For one thing my husband wasted our money, yet he always had money. Now I know why. The IdIoTTwins were giving him anything he wanted and more. I like a nice clean house with pleasant spaces. My husband filled our house with garbage. He hoards. I find it poetic that the IdIoTTwins used him to beat me down so much I couldn’t function, so now he has to clean up that mess without me. I will lose all my earthly possessions most likely, but it is worth it. By the time I left I was ready to just pile it all up and torch the whole place.

My husband wouldn’t hear of moving from Alaska even though I was clearly suffering the entire time we lived there…25 years. Now he can just live there alone until he gets that mess straightened out.

I know it wasn’t all his fault or even mostly his fault. The people who should have helped and supported him in his war with the IdIoTTwins were all out drinking, drugging, partying, and acting like fools while James and I barely survived year to year. And the abuse of the IdIoTTwins started out sort of regulated and became increasingly insane and unstable until they tortured my sister to death in front of me. I don’t think anyone knew they planned on torturing her to death like that, except her IdIoTHusband, Billy. That moron helped them do it and he fought me and my Dad.

Now I am down here by myself. There is a pestilence in my house, constant repairs, scary things happening, etc. It never ends. I know what they want. They want me to befriend some man or men to help me, like I am some helpless woman. Well, life is not like it used to be. There are professional businesses that can help. So far I have been able to save money to use those, but if I couldn’t I would NEVER invite anyone into my home to do anything as a favor. It is completely a trap. They just want someone in here to abuse me.

Even in my therapy sessions they have the therapists say crap to me no one should ever say to anyone and they act like it is just an unfortunate choice of words. The IdIoTTwins want stuff like that going into my mind and heart to break me down so I give up watching out for my own safety.

I personally think there is a huge push of very evil people who are pushing for domestic and personal violence on people. It breaks down family, community, and society. The IdIoTTwins worship the destruction of mankind. I don’t know what their idiot plan is, but I know this; they are devil worshippers. They are witches. Not cute little girls in black for Halloween, but real devil worshippers. They will be sacrificing at least animals for Halloween. And the devil HATES MANKIND because we are made in the IMAGE of GOD. These horrible IdIoTTwins are so bad that they do things they know destroy themselves because they hate themselves irrationally. The devil hates his own followers because even those fools are made in the image of God. They hate their own divinity because they give themselves over to the devil.

Even if these IdIoTTwins end up destroying my marriage, I will be as private a person as possible. I will not have boyfriends or girlfriends. No one will be hanging out at my house. I will not be going out and socializing in places where I eat or drink something made there. I only go to restaurants with other people I trust. When I can’t get my nieces or husband to go, then I stay home. I take my own drinks to places.k

I have been drugged at Sonic. There have been times I ate fast food and I prayed to God that I would make it home.

Everyplace I go, these IdIoTTwins have people placed there – not just some people, but all the people there. I don’t go anywhere, see anything, do anything without the IdIoTTwins suffocating me to death. They are actively abusing me in one way or another all the time. I have to fight to do all I can to keep my wits every single day.

Like right now – I haven’t had real sleep in a week. If I was working I would have pushed myself too hard to try to do well at work and would now be out of my mind with pain and confusion from lack of sleep and stomach issues. That’s a majority of how they beat me down in Alaska. I have to nap every day to have the strength to survive the night time attacks and to be able to take care of myself. I don’t have the energy to take care of myself and go to work. That’s one of the main reasons they complain through other people and act like I have to go back to work. I can’t. I will completely fall apart and go insane again.

The goal is that one of these times I will break down and they will manage to kill me. Preferably as slowly and painfully as possible. Idiots, who go around saying, “It doesn’t matter what you believe, as long as you believe something.” Or, “We don’t need to know what our leaders believe,” are complete morons.

I am plagued by satanists. If you can see this and you aren’t one of them, take care of yourself first. You can’t take care of anyone if you don’t take care of yourself first. Sometimes, just taking care of yourself and not causing horrible things to happen to your own family and community is contributing a monumental amount to all people. You are doing your part just by taking care of yourself.

Eventually they will get me. I think I will end up with a horrible death like my sister, but they can’t get to my soul. In that way they ultimately loose.

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