A Walking Stick is the End of the World for the IdIoTTWins, Bozo the Clown and Chicken Little

The IdIoTTwins use the weaponized top secret technology they have to push me when I am walking. They have actually knocked me down. I imagine they are laughing behind the scenes and acting like they are geniuses. Really, they are just morons with money, who have access to experimental technology being done by the military. When I was first being “awakened”, they hit me in my home and it lifted me up off my feet and threw me forward about a foot. I fell on a ceramic cup I had and it shattered. My feet were not touching the ground when I was hit and I flew forward about a foot before my feet were on the ground again and I fell forward. I am still shocked by it and it happened about 4 years ago.

So when I am out walking around they keep pushing me. Sometimes I am suddenly dizzy, but other times it is like someone pushes me when no one is around. It makes me look unstable and possibly drunk. I don’t even drink, but how perfect to have me stumbling around while they say it is proof that I am drunk. Then everything I say must be the ramblings of a drunk woman.

When they were knocking me on the ground and leaving me there in Alaska, I got a walking stick to use. They had my husband growl at me that I “needed to watch that”. They wouldn’t let him walk near enough to me to help me if I was falling. I was just supposed to walk in public and be knocked down whenever these abusive IdIoTTwins wanted. They said I deserved it…. I have no idea why I deserve all this punishment. Seriously. I am not even trying to be rebellious, but that is something to punish me for. What they really mean is that they are abusive psychos who are unstable and violent and I should make it easy on them to abuse me. They are insane. If you buy the show they put on, then you are just lazy. It doesn’t take much to realize these fools are unstable.

Yesterday I went to the grocery store and took my hickory walking stick. They always have these creepy people sort of shadowing me menacingly in the store. I noticed when they tried to get near me yesterday I would lean on the walking stick, even with it in my cart, and they would glare at me and back off. If some fool attacks me, stupid mock attack or not, I will beat the shit out of them. I won’t hold back, either. They have a reason to be afraid and nervous. So they kept back.

A nice person looked at the stick and told me that the native people sell them at the gift shops. So I was in Tahlequah today and picked one up. I got a really cool one with a turtle for the grip. It has a non-stick bottom. It’s just the right height. I just need it for stability when they start pushing me around. It is also good to have around when they have pushy loud people in crowds pushing me in real life. I understand now why men had walking sticks as a fashion in the cities of old. They are practical on many levels.

I got home and put everything away. I sat on my chair and crossed my legs. It felt like someone hit me in the knee with a baseball bat. I screamed out before I realized it. No matter how I moved my leg, my knee was hurting. I remembered the IdIoTTwins having a fool tell me that if someone accidentally brushed up against him that he would break their knee caps. I guess I accidentally upset the IdIoTTwins so they have to break my knee cap. Now I can’t bend my knee or walk and put all my weight on my knee. They have gone from hitting me to actually stabbing pain.

For this stupid reason I am writing about getting a walking stick. I have to publicly write about the abuse to get any relief from it. Otherwise they continue until I am writhing and screaming on the floor. They always take everything to the most ignorant extreme. Bozo the Clown acts like it is a joke. Chicken Little acts like it is the end of the world as we know it that I would use a walking stick in my 50s.

What is interesting to me is that when I used to walk for miles in the country, I would find a stick and use it to walk. It helps with unstable ground. I remember walking on streets and surfaces that were uneven, I would think how nice it would be to have a walking stick. That was in my teens and twenties when I was healthy and in shape. It is no big deal at all that I am using a walking stick except to these IdIoTTwins. They make every tiny thing in my life this huge, ridiculous dramatic event. It’s all to either bring attention to themselves, or force me to change so that I am not representing them in a way they don’t want to be represented.

WELL – They ARE ABUSIVE MORONS. Anything I do that makes them look like that is spot on. I am not doing it on purpose, but that is absolutely the truth.

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