“Medici” Season 1 on Netflix: Death and Cruelty vs. Mercy

Spoilers in this about “Medici Season One”.

I watched the first season of “Medici” yesterday on Netflix.  It is a very well done series.  The sets, costumes, culture are all basically correct for the Italian Renaissance.  It covers the Medici family.  They were bankers who encouraged the arts and culture.

There’s a sort of mystery to the first season.  The father is killed with hemlock on his grape vines.  When he tasted them in his usual fashion in the morning, one morning he died in pain and agony.  During the show this is woven into the story.  At one point it is suspected that the man’s son killed him because he made the love of his life disappear.  At another point it is suspected that a trusted servant and advisor did it to get to be closer to the main character by casting his brother under suspicion.  But in the end the most trusted family steward had killed the father, the patriarch of the family.

The patriarch had sent the steward to bribe the girl, who was his son’s cherished love, to leave.  She would not.  She said she was going to have his child and that meant more to her than money.  So the steward had her placed in a nunnery, which was supposed to take care of her through her pregnancy and the child’s birth.  Then there were supposed to make a life for her at the nunnery and find suitable life for the child.  When the steward went back to check on her and the nunnery tried to say she wasn’t there anymore.  He went in and found her dead with the child dead beside her.  She had been living in squalor for her sins.  No care had been taken of her, but she was punished every single day she lived there.  In the end the poor care of her left her and the baby dead.  The nunnery said it was her punishment for her sins.

When the steward told the patriarch, he said that a stallion and a donkey may make a mule.  He said he liked mules, but he would have no mules in his family.  His callousness and cruelty drove the steward to murder him.

I can personally identify with this story.  My sister was married and had her children in wedlock, but she was punished mercilessly by these IdIoTTwins behind the scenes.  She could not and would not conform to their stupid vision of community where they are the sole tyrants and any stupid whim that comes to them is the law everyone has to live by.  They tortured her emotionally for the entire “marriage”.  And in the end their cruelty was so extreme and overwhelming that having witnessed it, I will never get over it, even if I lived a million lifetimes.  I would certainly poison them and that idiot fake husband of hers if I could.  When I tell people that she died of cancer with NO pain management at all, people can’t comprehend it.  You can see the shock and how they try to process it.  Even if she died in ancient times, they had opium, alcohol, and other pain killers to give the dying.  No one in any age would have let her die like that.  And she died like that in our age with health care tools more advanced than anything humanity has ever seen before.  If there was any justice in the world those IdIoTTwins would be executed.

After I finished watching the first season of “Medici” last night, I laid in bed and sobbed, like my sister had just died again.  I am there with her.  I can smell everything, see it all, and feel every excruciating pain that she felt and I empathized with her, while her idiot husband told her to hush and not be so loud…While she was Dying!  What an unbelievably cruel ass.  And he is just the puppet of those IdIoTTwins.  I am sure that it was really the IdIoTTwins complaining that her screams and indecipherable mutterings were bothering them.  Her death was inconvenient and uncomfortable for them.  All her pain and suffering meant nothing, but their inconvenience was the most important thing in their world.  That is exactly what the patriarch in that show was saying.  He didn’t care about that girl’s suffering or his son’s for that matter.  He sure didn’t want the baby to be born and live.  It was all inconvenient to him and he was glad when he heard the problem had solved itself.

There is this ridiculous push behind the scenes of my life that I have to join some organization.  I have to get out and socialize.  Supposedly it will be good for me.  All my socialization is the IdIoTTwins punishing me.  Even people close to me have to treat me like I am unimportant and somehow a bother to them.  Every organization I have ever been a part of professional or private has treated me the same, both here in the Lower 48 and in Alaska.  It’s all the same because it is all the IdIoTTwins.  They will make my death horrible as well.  But they will not get the satisfaction of forcing me to make them look good by participating in society while they use it as a club to beat me and traumatize me even further.I live with the shock of seeing my sister die like that every day.  I am not going to make it convenient for them that I witnessed that.  I am going to be very inconvenient to them and their idiot dreams of dominance of all they have any contact with.  They are insane fools.  They are unstable in all their ways.  It is impossible to work with them.  Even if things go ok for a bit, they can just have a bad binge of alcohol and drugs and decide to destroy your life, your community, anything you are even mildly interested in.  Trying to be nice to these monsters is like trying to befriend a demon.  It is impossible.  I will be the lone voice calling out in the wilderness; beware!  Do not be fooled.  You may have to play their game, but do not believe it in your soul.  They are evil.  I wish I had never tried to be nice to them.  It is a bitterness and a gall.  It is all regret and sadness now.  They keep asking what I regret in life.  I regret that I bought into this fake nonsense of being nice to everyone is Christian.  Trust me, Apostle Paul was not nice to everyone.  He was stoned, thrown out of cities, and left for dead many times.  He was not being nice about what he believed.  He was adamant.  If we are nice to evil men, we will pay for it dearly and it will be too late.  You can never go back and protect what you care for.  You can not go back and protect yourself.  Be wise.  Start now.  Do what you know is sensible and right no matter how inconvenient it is to someone else.  Better to make them work to kill you than to help them kill you.

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