Because the IdIoTTwins will not quit abusing me, I write this…

As I write this my right breast feels like it is being twisted and torn off of my body. At times I hurt so bad I can’t think and my vision blanks out. I have tried the usual tirades and in general trying to just keep doing what I am doing through the pain. As chills and spasms are now happening in my body in and around my right breast, I cannot just keep going and hope the disturbed, mentally deranged idiots get bored and go on. I don’t know what I did to make the fools mad, but I am sure it is not anything real. Tonight my real husband went to watch some joker movie with a friend. I said I was glad I don’t have to go. I hate those movies. Every since the pain has become insane. I am writing this to document it. But also because the ridiculous morons usually let up on me after I write something about them. They must have constant attention. They are infinitely boring and tedious, like dealing with mentally challenged people all the time. I know there are some people who enjoy that type of work. I am not one of them. I don’t like sitting around making a big deal of the food they eat, the movies they watch, the clothes they wear, the places they go…every little thing has to be made a big deal as if these were handicap people who deserve to be praised for just walking a straight line.

No doubt there will be people who get mad about me comparing the IdIoTTwins to the mentally challenged and physically handicapped. I apologize. I don’t mean any disrespect to people with real challenges. The IdIoTTwins are idiots because they have every advantage in life, but we have to go around making a big deal out of every little thing they do. They even try to make a big deal about the fact that they burp and have feet. I’m sorry, but who else can I compare them to besides people with severe mental illnesses. They are stupid and insane. I am sick of watching tv and playing games and going places when every little thing points to the most stupid and pointless fools alive on the planet. Not only am I in insane pain, but I am bored out of my mind. I am not a mental health nurse and I am not good at taking care of the insane. These idiot twins need 24/7 mental health care. They need to be medicated and monitored. They need someone in charge of them instead of them being in charge of anyone.

They should NOT be in charge of WOMEN nor GIRLS. These men are perverts and will rape and sexually abuse women and girls. They are insane and think they have a right to hurt women. They are criminals and monsters that should be locked away from decent society. They are dangerous. They are not just mentally challenged and handicapped, but they are actually dangerous, angry, violent, out of control berserk fools. I want both Terry and Kerry Young out of my life forever. I hate both of them. We are not friends. I don’t know them in a way that they should be “teasing” me, which really means wrenching my nipples off with some stupid machine. It is not funny to make my vision go away, pull and hit my female places, choke me and do things to make it where I cannot breathe, suffocation, and in general do things that make me look crazy. For instance wrenching my breast right now and making me write this so that I may get a little break before they start hurting me somewhere else. I do not want them having anything to do with my sex life nor my female self. I am demanding that people in charge get these morons out of my life!

Just because I am writing this actually proves how much insane pain I am in. It makes me furious that I have to stop everything and write about complete morons, so they can get some attention. They have nothing but doting attention from countless hangers-on and I have to stop everything in my life and write about these dumbasses. You are insane and morons, Terry and Kerry Dumbass.

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