No Safety. No Stability. Life with Bozo the Clown and Chicken Little in Control.

There is no safety and no stability with the IdIoTTwins in control. I hope this entry makes some sense because I am writing while under extreme attacks are being done on my life from those morons.

They have put chlorine gas on me through the water. When I looked up water problems in town on line, my area came up. We supposedly have a break in something and it will be days to fix it. In the meantime my water smells like chlorine bleach to the extreme. Chlorine gas is dangerous. I am walking around like a drunk person even though I don’t drink. I am boiling my water just to make tea and have drinking water. But the chlorine is so bad that just running the water in a pot to boil it makes me exceedingly dizzy to the point of having to lie down on the bed and rest for a bit. My head is splitting all the while and I am sick at my stomach. The laundry is extremely painful. It takes so much water to do a load of clothes. I ran the washer without anything in it to get the water running, hoping it would dissipate the gas. It didn’t. when I went to do my laundry, the smell when the water came out was a blast of chlorine gas just as powerful as the first run of the water.

I just don’t buy it. I don’t believe the chlorine gas in the house is so bad that I cannot walk or sit upright sometimes. I believe they put gas of some sort in the house and cover it with this cover story of the water being messed up and needing more treatment. Of course, I have no neighbors to talk to. They have isolated me from everyone. My nearest neighbors don’t speak English very well, and act even more confused if I try to talk to them. This was also set up on purpose.

Anytime you read and of this and think, “why doesn’t she just…”. I can’t “just…”. They have taken out all support systems from me. I am as isolated here as a person deserted on an island with no other inhabitants. If I try to interact with people, it is like through a glass wall. It feels like I am some creature being held in a glass terrarium and people just hit the glass, ignore me, or if they try to communicate we are both yelling through all the glass wall between us. For the most part we only hear our own echos. After a while…you are too tired to try anymore, and so am I.

I don’t know what is going on but they drugged me so badly last night that I slept for 13 hours. I slept through the garbage truck run, the Saturday safety test of the emergency sirens, and through my normal time to wake up. Even when I started waking up, I could think, but I could not move my body. This is becoming very like what I was dealing with in Alaska. I am going to write about it, because they are not pushing me aside until people forget me and then torturing me to death like they did my sister and even my old dad at the end.

I’m watching college football today. A million good memories of my dad.

The other safety feature they have had control of is my money. I was making $32 an hour in Alaska. My husband makes substantially more. I am now on disability and making very little for a year. My yearly income seems like a few months used to feel when I was working. When I was with my husband in one residence in Alaska, which was for most of my working life, we never had money. My husband took control of it. All my money disappeared and so did his. We had so many talks about how to manage money. I begged to take it back over because when I did it, we came out balanced and then able to save some. But we always had new cars. My husband had nice clothes. There was usually a reason why I couldn’t buy nice clothes. When I did there was an onslaught of people coming out of every corner to tell me I looked silly, desperate, like a mental patient, “stupid when it comes to clothes”, etc. Classic domestic violence in that they took my money and kept putting me down about how I looked and how smart I was not.

Now that I live here in a different state on my own disability check, I can pay my bills, buy food and gas, pay for incidentals and entertainment, and save some money. Even though my husband makes really good money, supposedly he has all the credit card debt “we” gathered. I never had control of my own credit card. All the debt that went on credit card had to go through my husband. All my requests were turned down except for some very minor inexpensive ones. He spent without ever telling me he was spending. But most my paycheck went to it. So I am supposed to feel sorry for him up there in Alaska making hand over fist of money with the most of our belongings and investments. The IdIoTTwins set all this up. It’s all straight out of their playbook. They are really the ones in charge of our money and how we spend it. My husband has to do as they say.

So, because the IdIoTTwins are involved, I have to pay out of disability money to have my husband come visit me. Another thing they pretend is just me stubbornly holding on to a husband who doesn’t love me. Bullshit. My husband and I work our asses off to work around the IdIoTTwins and still have a marriage. Really! Considering all that we have to overcome in our marriage! We are the most amazing couple who has ever lived on this earth! I am sick of my marriage being put down, when it is the greatest achievement of my life. It is a life-time achievement and I am not throwing in the towel here. I will just save out of the bit of money I have and have my husband come down to see me. He is always relieved and energized to see me. Deep down, where the IdIoTTwins can’t understand relationships, I see that my husband is happy to see me, no matter what surface level superficial appearances there are.

I have more money on disability than I have had my entire working life.

And I don’t have to be abused every day by my co-workers, the community, and any big wigs going about causing stupidity.

I live quietly, simply, and grateful TO THE REAL GOD. I have no gratitude for the IdIoTTwins and their family. They are a pestilence on the earth that needs to be exterminated. They are trying to execute me under their twisted disgusting rule of conduct. I say that after all the abuse, violence, derisiveness, and cruelty they have unleashed on any part of humanity they come in contact with, they need to be executed.

These fools owe me my entire life. That is not a joke to me.

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