Bozo the Clown and Chicken Little Think if They Make Married Live Apart They Won’t Be Married

The IdIoTTwins think reality is perception. They think if they make me and my husband (of 31 years) live apart that we will be perceived as not married. Then since we ARE PERCEIVED AS NOT MARRIED WE ARE NOT MARRIED. THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF HOW STUPID TERRY AND KERRY ARE. This also shows how stupid they are about spiritual things and how relationships work.

Like toddlers, they think if they hold their breath, pout, and don’t look they can make it all go away.

So my husband and I are having our Friday night over video chat. But my husband is pouting, glaring, snapping my head off when I try to talk…in general acting like the immature IdIoTTwins. I hate these idiots. I hate being around people like them, butI can’t hang up on my husband because that is what the idiots want. Then they blame it on our marriage, but it is abuse from Kerry and Terry. It’s all a huge setup to destroy our lives.

The idiots can’t let us be happy together, especially can’t accept us getting along well and making it work long distance.

Next year is 2020. Terry’s first initial is the twentieth one on the alphabet. He will go crazier than he ever has before if my husband and I make it through next year. I can already feel the ridiculous pressure for us to not get along.

They really think if they can just make people think we aren’t married that it will be reality. They are seriously insane.

They believe in dumb things like chanting spells, which is just throwing a tantrum and saying what you want over and over like a child. They are also behind this crazy Christian thing of not saying when you are hurt or upset and claiming what you want. That works perfectly for abusers. Then you don’t report what is really happening to you. Then they hurt you more and more. This is what my sister did. Believe me, say something if you are hurting, if bad things are happening to you. Bring attention to the actions of these abusers. If you don’t you die in horrific pain and neglect. You cannot keep saying what you want or rely on perception being reality when you are dying. Dead is dead. Pain is pain. The body can only take so much. Our minds, hearts and spirits are the same way.

I am reporting here that I am plagued with migraines. My marriage is under constant attack, but me and my REAL husband love each other. I am not in love with Terry and Kerry, who tortured my sister to death. I will not forgive them. They keep overdosing me until my eyes are rolling back in m head and I am in mild seizures. Then they force things on me and pretend I like it. It’s abuse. I hate Terry and Kerry. I don’t want them in my life in any way. I want them in prison for life. At the very least THEY HAVE to GET OUT of my marriage and my life.

I WATCHED A NEWS STORY ABOUT THE PERSONAL NATURE OF CHOKING SOMEONE AND HOW IT HAS HIGHEST CHANCE OF BECOMING MURDER compared to other domestic violence. These twins, Terry and Kerry, have been choking me and knocking me out with drugs, machines, and top secret weapons. They can watch on video monitors like tv. They can make close-ups. They have been doing that for years, while I was at work and home, and they had everyone laugh at me, like I was just being dramatic. They spin these lies as perceptions to believe and then no one helps when I am being abused right in their presence.

These IdIoTTwins will kill me. That is the plan. As soon as I can’t fight more, they will push me out of the way and torture me to death, like they did my sister. It’s something they have gotten by with over the years. I am bringing attention to all their abuse, lies, con jobs, and anything I can think of.

Terry and Kerry, get out of my huband’s life and mine. Get out of our marriage. I can’t stand either of you. Get out of my life.

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