Bozo the Clown and Chicken Little Think Poop is Both the Most Fascinating Thing and Most Destructive Thing on Earth

The IdIoTTwins think Frued is right about everything. Freud believed people have a life long obsession with poop. It turns out that only babies, toddlers, Mal-adjusted adults, and idiots are obsessed with poop. Actually babies and toddlers aren’t obsessed. They are just exploring and learning. That means the only people obsessed with poop are people with mental and/or emotional health problems. Thus, Terry and Kerry are severely mentally and emotionally ill.

You know who else is obsessed with poop? Many times little boys who are anally raped. This has been said to be a sort of normal thing done amongst the underbelly of mega-rich families to basically traumatize a kid and make them more pliable. So…I don’t think it would take much imagination to put in point A, the IdIoTTwins are ridiculously rich, and point B, the IdIoTTwins are obsessed with poop to come up with the basic fact that they were anally raped as children. It would also fit with the fact that they are obsessed with stories about boys being raped, like all the Catholic Church cases, and the Sandusky Case, etc.

Therefore, these two IdIoTs in charge of my life are horrified that people have bowel movements, animals have bowel movements, and everything in the world revolves in one way or another around poop. They try to make jokes, but they are hysterical. They try to be overly clean, which is another type of hysteria. They cannot function in life because poop happens. They are hysterical about it.

And naturally, they are constantly giving my husband and I horrible stomach problems with gross outcomes. They make my poor animals through the years go through horrible stomach issues. And, like today, they use poop to try to ruin my daily life. Like I have said before, they know everything before hand, so they plan gross and painful stuff in my life around it.

Little did I know that this joke clock and troll doll I ordered to make fun of Trump was coming in today. I was brutalized in my nightmares and pain in my body all night. When I got up I could barely walk straight. I was stumbling around like someone had hit me in the head with a baseball bat. My cat had pooped in the floor, and then drug her butt in the entrance to the living room, and still had poop on her butt. I cleaned all of that up, which looks just as awful as my poop looks. I know all this seems like it could be coincidental, but it happens the same way over and over to things I do over and over.

I think Trump is a moron and I still live in a world where I can make fun of the billionaire moron all I want to. In fact, people are making big money off of making fun of him. I am proud to say I have now contributed to that.

I interrupt my own blog right here to say, Trump said that the Mexican government was going to pay for the wall. We all knew that wasn’t going to happen. Now he acts like he said American Tax Payers must pay for the wall. We don’t need a big, expensive, pointless wall between us and Mexico. We have had the most amazing heritage of having two open boarders with our nearest foreign neighbors for as long as we have been a country. We are already amazing. This wall is just a big embarrassment and goes against all core American beliefs. This is just a big monument to a very small, petty, wannabe dictator – Trump. So I am absolutely sure that two twin foreigners from Britain would want us to idolize Trump and build a monument to him that everyone has to see all the time.

And I believe they would put cat poop throughout my house and on my poor cat because I bought a count-down-clock to when Trump hopefully leaves office and a Trump Troll doll. If you think these morons have the right to do that, then you are a communist. The IdIoTTwins do NOT believe in free speech, free thought, and freedom to call out rich people for the stupidity they do to all of us and the world. They attack me for accidentally disagreeing with them. They had me beat down to comatose and unable to function in Alaska because I did not agree with them on anything. They had my husband cover all my dreamcatchers and Christian decorations. They don’t believe in freedom of religion, or even just good wishes. They want to scare everyone and jar them with hysterical “humor” to traumatize all of us and make us do what they want, think like they think, and worship them as gods…OR ELSE!

We have to make fun of the powers-that-be today, or our kids are fighting in the streets, like those people in Hong Kong, for basic freedoms in the future.

I got a package at my door that had the trump clock, and trump doll in it, and it had poop on the bottom of it. I can only hope it wasn’t Trump poop. I cleaned that up. When I opened the door to get the package my cat’s pillow fell down; even though I open that door all the time and it never falls down, and it was covered in puke.

I would have never wrote about any of this at all, but the IdIoTTwins had to be gross idiots. Now I have said how I feel about Trump, which I wouldn’t have written about. I have talked about rich boys and anal rape, that I completely believe the IdIoTTwins had done to them. And I have talked about a very normal and natural function of living bodies to produce poop, that the IdIoTTwins are trying to weaponize. Also I have written about open boarders, communists, and freedom to make fun of rich people be they in office or just rich morons. All of this has been brought to you by the very idiots who are trying to suppress freedom of speech in the dumbest way possible.

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