Bozo the Clown and Chicken Little Report, “I Know You Are, But What Am I?”

No matter what you say to the IdIoTTwins that indicates you don’t like them or their actions, they say, “I know you are, but what am I?” like children. Then they pat themselves on the back, like they are geniuses. They have bragged to me through my husband that they can turn any argument back on the other person, thus they win. If I say they act immature and cruel, they say, “I know you are, but what am I?” If I say that they take advantage of me and do not respect my feelings, they say, “I know you do, but what about me?” Their “genius” arguments boil down to childlike temper tantrums every single time. There is absolutely no possible way anyone can have a relationship with these idiots.

And they also have blanket statement rules to how they deal with every element of adult human relationships. They say that they NEVER APOLOGIZE. They NEVER apologize. They only say that they are right about every thing they do or say for their entire lives. The arrogance in a perpetual stance like that goes beyond the absurd. It is impossible for someone with that mentality to have a mature relationship.

They don’t negotiate. It is all their way or no way. Or it is all their way or all their way, if its something they are determined to own, like me.

All interactions with them are win or lose. Even if you say it’s a nice day to these fools, they will challenge you about it, and win. Of course, they win because you don’t care, but to them they dominated you and you are the whiney baby.

An example of their supreme immaturity is this: One time during sex my husband slapped my butt lightly. I told him to stop it. I don’t like being abused, especially in sex. I don’t think slapping, biting, and in general attacking each other is real sex. It’s more like how cats have sex and no one in their right mind should want to have sex like a cat. Even cats don’t want to have sex like cats have sex. It’s stupid. Well, I am still hearing about me saying I didn’t like that. Apparently, the IdIoTTwins were behind that. It makes me sick that they ever had anything to do with our sex lives. It certainly explains the bad sexual incidents that I hated, though. I do not want sex with either twin and certainly not both.

The twins are so dumb that they don’t realize that twin females are sexy. Twin men…crickets. Who cares about twin men?

Just now, before I came on the blog to write I was playing the on-line video game for a little while. They had some character standing in my way that was named my husband’s name with these words, “Strong, spanks the butt”. My husband hit me during sex like 5 years ago. We never speak of it. But here are the IdIoTTwins standing around making a big deal out of it. Just out of no where for no reason. It’s so stupid. We don’t have sex like that any more, so no problem. We discussed it like adults and resolved it way back then. Really my husband looked relieved. He and I are traditional, married decades for the life run. We don’t want to abuse each other for our whole lives. People into hurting each other in sex don’t really have an adult relationship. In fact they are so animal acting, they may not even be aware of themselves in a human way. They are forcing themselves to act in the worst, animalistic fashions and acting like that’s how native people have sex. That is just not true. It’s just another racist, sexist slap in the face to indigenous races and to women.

They act like women are just animals to subdue with sex. When a person, man or woman, trusts someone enough to get as personal as they can with the other person, a mature person is touched by this. It’s amazing. Immature, drug addicted, alcoholic, perverted freaks act like they have won. Once again they approach everyone as if it is a challenge, even in sex. They stink at sex. They act like it’s some kind of Olympic event. People with pudgy, sweaty, hairy bodies, who don’t have any athleticism or rhythm should not approach sex as an athletic challenge.

Every situation. Every way you can imagine these fools, they somehow ruin it and make it stupid just by being around it.

If they weren’t rich, they wouldn’t even be noticed, much less taken seriously. They are stupid, absurd, and not capable of rehabilitation, even if you could get the idiots to realize they need to change. They are going to the grave fighting with everyone and everything. Fine with me. I can fight them to the grave and still have mature relationships with other people, animals, and the land management. These IdIoTTwins are my own hurricane, stalled out on my life, pouring pain, disappointments, and misery, but I am still living relatively safely in my own little home sphere. In the end they will not have accomplished anything and someone sitting around kissing their butts will get their money. That person, or people, will then do whatever they want and forget all about the IdIoTTwins. It will be like when we have to endure a horrible storm, but it passes and you basically forget about it. That’s how I feel about the IdIoTTwin storms they constantly put on my life.

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