When Bozo the Clown and Chicken Little Think They Are the “In-Crowd”

Ok. Saturday night on a major holiday weekend, Labor Day, when people with real families and friends have stuff to do…They have places to be and things to do… And I am signed up to do a group dungeon with a bunch of other misfits with nothing else to do. Of course, my group of misfits are these idiot spies, who all think they are James Bond. They are not James Bond. For the most part they are Bozo the Clown with Tourrets Syndrome complete with the pointless cursing and weird physical spasms. They can’t keep their characters on the screen in an area where they aren’t causing things to happen, while the adult in the group tries to tell how to fight a monster in the game.

And Chicken Little is calling out that how to die while fighting the monster. It’s like her/his whole job is to kill the group. They want you to panic and at the same time feel sorry for them when they spasm and cause the monster to kill them.

So the poor adult-in-the-room tries to keep everything together with these complete morons doing dumb stuff they think is funny and whine about how nothing ever goes their way. One acts like chaos is funny while the other one acts like it’s the end of the world when the same thing is happening.

The entire focus in the game for me is to try to pay attention to the adult while the unattended 55 year old babies play like toddlers in the block area of a child care center. Throwing, yelling, moving around randomly, knocking down the other kids tower of blocks, cursing in adult talk like little kids curse when they are frustrated and want attention.

The whole thing is set up for the immature idiots to get attention. Everyone has to stop everything every second of every day and notice the IdIoTTwins. You have to respond so they will at least go on to some other annoying thing. If you don’t then they have a complete melt down and bring the whole game you are playing to a halt.

They are not cool. They are not interesting. They are not geniuses. They are not great chefs. They are not great writers. They steal all their good ideas.

And this is what really gets me from the whole ordeal that I have been through relentlessly for my entire life…I don’t want to be part of their “in-crowd”. I have spent my whole life trying to avoid them or appease them when it is obvious I can’t get rid of them. Every single time they pretend they rejected me. They act like I am hopelessly strange and pathetic because I can’t become part of their crowd. In reality I am horrified to think anyone would think I was part of their crowd. They are exactly what I do not want for myself or society. They are cruel, selfish, petty, obsessed with every single mundane thing about themselves, psychopaths without real feelings. They are scum of the earth. They are not amazing in any way. They aren’t even evil geniuses. They are just big babies, who rub it in all of our faces that they don’t have to grow up. Like all of us wish we could stay in the crib sucking a bottle for our entire lives. Stupid. They are complete morons.

And all the other spies…they seem to just sit there and let them get by with all of that. Apparently rich comes before actually doing spy work. The spies just have to appease them. Apparently if the IdIoTTwins come on the scene it is every spies job to kiss their asses because the IdIoTTwins are rich. They pretend it is all spy craft, but it’s all politics.

What a huge depressing reality to finally reach in mid-life. Even my life, which I thought was far away from rich idiots…I mean, I thought I was far enough away from the rich morons in general to actually have a tiny little life all my own. Then I go through this total shit “reveal” and find out it doesn’t matter what I have done, what my family has gone through, what I ever hoped and dreamed for…All that matters is I did not kiss the rich idiot asses when they appeared in my life in any form either directly or indirectly. Really? My whole life comes down to your little rich bitch IdIoTTwin lives. My life supposedly only exists to make your life look good. Screw that. I will not do it. I will always make the IdIoTTwins look bad because I am furious they were completely cruel with my sister. AND I am equally furious that they think my life only exists to be a backdrop to a poster to make the IdIoTTwins look good. I will not make them look good.

They keep asking me what I want to do with life. This is my mid-life crisis change in focus. My whole life now is to make the IdIoTTwins cry in public every day of their pathetic, pointless, shallow, ignorant lives.

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