Speaking of trying to plan anything with the IdIoTTwins MicroSabotaging…

I have a migraine, soar throat, ears full of fluids and burning, and no energy. I can barely sit up and talk.

What did I have planned for this Labor Day Weekend? Extra time with my husband, which has been ate up by problems with bills that don’t exist.

Supposedly there is this bill that I made while I was comatose in Alaska and could barely use a phone that has been going for years and now my husband has this top priority to take care of it right before long Labor Day Weekend, or die. Even though a holiday weekend is the dumbest time to resolve it, this is just the dramatic final straw and he cannot wait but take care of this very minor bill that I have no recollection of. Yet, I should feel guilty because I have caused this huge dramatic problem. That’s part of the emotional abuse from the IdIoTTwins. I am too sick and weak to even talk about it, much less reason with him that this is crazy.

Then we almost had a fight two days ago because suddenly me asking him to look into one little thing was the end of the world and was going to be this big hassle because I didn’t have every minute bit of detail on a medical bill including the medical billing codes. According to him he was going to be attacked by these people at the insurance company because I didn’t have every piece of info about the medical bill. They were going to attack him and fight with him. They were going to be unreasonable and crazy. And he never got the letter they sent him. I had to go all over the original conversation to correct him on many points. He acted like I was changing my story and causing this big problem. Me and my husband are looking at each other or just knowing each other to the point that I know my husband doesn’t throw fake fits like that. He really doesn’t throw fits at all. This only started in our marriage around The Reveal when all these people who didn’t know us suddenly professed to know we had marriage troubles. Then this abuse started happening to me in public with my husband and in private. It was so stupid and fake. I couldn’t figure out why until The Reveal of The Stupid Brothers, Terry and Kerry. That’s exactly how those abusive asses act. Then it all made sense. Today I got a text from my husband that the information wasn’t needed, just like I had said. All they needed to know was what other insurances we have. They update it every year at this time and he has to tell them because it is his insurance. There was no reason at all for the waste of our energy and time fake arguing to make the IdIoTTwins not take even more hateful and horrible attacks on us.

My only “friend” right now is a lady in Florida, who plays the same Xbox game as me and my husband. I guess she is from Florida. She may just be a spy. But she seems really stressed by this hurricane coming this way. I offered to chat and play the game with her to help distract her this weekend. Now I am so sick I can hardly stay awake.

Also I signed up to do some group games this weekend and suddenly I am so sick I can hardly stay up.

I planned on finishing some items for my nieces and taking them little “back to school” bags even though one is starting teaching this year and the other is in her last semester of school. So of course, I am too sick to be around the new baby.

I have had nothing but nightmares of actually dying this whole week. People think you can’t die in your dreams. You can. If someone else has control of your dreams you can die over and over and over and over. You get to feel that final horrifying fear of the unknown and then the giving up. I think it is to horrify me and make me give up. They want me to feel like I am dead even though I am alive and I have no hope.

This is what happens if I have any kind of plans. If I am trying to work out normal household stuff between me and my real husband; if I want to interact with my friend or family; if I just want to play a little side game with a bunch of people I don’t know…it all becomes this microSABOTAGED nightmare from hell.

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