Bozo the Clown and Chicken Little Sabotage Home Repair

I called the repair people to come fix my air conditioner.  Here’s a list of everything that happened yesterday that was straight from the Bozo Blithering IdIoT file and Chicken Little file.  This is how the IdIoTTwins tag team every micro-manageable thing.  They stun you with information that is contradictory and stupid compliments of Bozo Terry.  Then they add the fear factor from Chicken Little Kerry.

The way this worked for the air conditioner getting fixed was that no matter what I said to the business to explain what I was having problems with, the guy kept talking past me.  Sometimes he talked over me.  Other times, just waited and went ahead and said what he was going to say, like I never said nothing.  The first part of this was way too much technical knowledge that sounded like the Google searches I had found half the night.  The other part was to say that anything I was explaining couldn’t be that way.  It didn’t work that way, so it couldn’t be that way.  Well, the air conditioner was broken so naturally it was not functioning how an air conditioner works, thus the need for it to be repaired.  Since the guy was prepared to talk for the rest of eternity to make it sound like he was being helpful but the implied message was that I wasn’t making any sense.  The goal is to make it feel like he knows everything and that I am so stupid I probably don’t know how to tie my shoes.  Naturally, the reverse is probably true, especially since I was sure to be talking to a spy-idiot over the phone.

I knew before I even talked to the guy how he was going to treat me.

I took the filter out the night before I called the repair place and I messed it up.  So, they already knew this and had a plan to make me feel like I was causing some catastrophic event in my home.  Bozo kept saying that if I didn’t have a vent in my air system that dirt could clog up the system and it would basically completely destroy the whole system.  I read that on-line, too.  It takes a long time for that to happen.  It does not happen overnight.  So I just breezed over it because I knew what they were setting up.

Then Chicken Little shows up and tells me the dirty filter, that was changed 2 months ago, was the complete problem with the whole system.  I wasn’t supposed to take it out, even though it had only been out one night.  He left it out and had no parts with him, so I was supposed to get up first thing this morning and rush to the dealer that Bozo had already said would be revealed to me after Chicken Little looked at the system.  I was supposed to rush down and buy a dozen filters to change out each month.  Otherwise the entire system could fail and it would cost me $1500.  I knew this big push to go down to this specific place and get the exact kind of filters I HAD to get to save my system was a set up.  Anytime it is imperative for me to do something, it means I should find another way.  I was nice and agreed with everything.  I had no option.  Otherwise they just tag team talk you to death.

It cost me $150 to find out my system is fine, but it apparently has this one achilles hill…IT MUST HAVE AIR FILTERS FROM THIS SPECIFIC PLACE.

If it’s stupid and makes no sense, it is the IdIoTTwins.  I don’t know what crap they had planned for me because I got up this morning with a migraine.  I am not going to drive with a migraine anyway.  If I do I am sure they will put me in a car wreck and in the ER some nurse will say, “If only you had not driven with a migraine.  You have crippled yourself because you didn’t heed the warnings of Chicken Little!”  So I just ordered it off of Amazon.  It will be here Monday.  I do not believe the whole system is going down because I had the filter out for a weekend.  I remember when getting something done in a week was getting something done in a rush job.  I am so sick of this Chicken Little, we must all be running around with our heads cut off, stupidity.  That’s how they rush people into critical mistakes.

Because I have not heeded the warnings of Bozo or Chicken Little, there is a strong mechanical smell in the house today that is giving me a migraine.  But, like I said, if I drove with a migraine they could hurt me, mess up my car, or anything and blame me for trying to do something with a migraine.  Damned if you do and Damned if you don’t.  They have you cornered and they know it.  Then they pretend you choose what happens to you, but it’s all such a set up that there is no real free choice.  It’s always just the choice of the lesser evil.


Here’s all the chaotic stupidity happening around me while I was trying to get repairs done on the house and do a little cleaning:

Drugged….  I went out to make sure the way to the central air unit in the backyard is cleared.  While out there the neighbor was using a weedeater that had an extreme gas smell.  My chest tightened and I started feeling faint, so I went inside.  It’s the exact feelings as when they have me knocked out with any strong smell.  The other way I was drugged in the same way was by a package that came to the house.  I bought these hula hoops, now called gymnastic or activity hoops.  I planned on making another of my nieces a dream catcher and tree-of-life macrame for their marriage.  It had taken forever to finally get these hoops.  The box was almost black from mud and dirt.  Inside the rainbow hoops were double tied in a thick white trash bag.  When I opened it a blast of cigarette smoke smell came out and made me feel like puking.  Then the tight chest, dizziness, confusion, and all the other symptoms from whatever they are spraying on me.

Then the place where I thought my therapist was going to work called me.  Some woman called Crystal called.  For whatever reason Crystal is a code name they use for me and it usually involves sex in some way.  It was odd that a Crystal was calling because of my therapist, but maybe it was supposed to trigger something before the repairman showed up.  It really doesn’t work since I know about it.  I really don’t think it ever worked.  The IdIoTTwins lie all the time and they have “doubles” of people to place in various places that person would never go and then have people claim they were there.  But that made me on the defensive against a honey-trap repairman.  I wrote it down, so the guy that finally showed up was not the hone-trap type.  Maybe they thought he was, but no way.  And he had an apprentice with him, so he wasn’t alone with me in the house, which is good.  Anyway, while I am just processing the honey-trap bullshit angle the Crystal on the phone, probably some spy lackey, told me that my therapist decided to not work with them.  It was a disappointment.  I was really looking forward into being back with her as my therapist.  They always put the really sharp disappointments in the middle of a busy day when they have drugged me, too, so they can get the hurt in as deeply as possible before I can process it.

Then I had the house cleaned up, but I stepped on cat crap in the living room carpet.  I was furious.  I clean up after my cat.  She never has an accident in the living room.  If I hadn’t stepped on that spot I wouldn’t have known it was there.  It was one little ball and the same color of brown as the round patterns on my carpet.  One of the repairmen was supposed to step right on it, no doubt.  By then I was so drugged and upset about the therapist, I started scream at the IdIoTTwins and cussing them out.  I cleaned it up, but started making notes so I wouldn’t forget after the drugs wore off.

It’s also unfair to drug me when I have to make financial decisions.

Every thing the twins do is crooked.  They will lie when the truth would do just as well.  They act like they are geniuses, but they cheat all the time to make things seem to come out the way they predicted, but really it’s all a set-up.

And then this morning started with migraine after a night of nightmares.  I felt rushed, but as I woke up, I realized I should not drive.  I started ordering the filters on-line and I had pain that didn’t make any sense, but seemed plausible.  Then I ordered some car safety kits for my nieces for back to school.  AS SOON as I clicked on the category I was having sharp pains all over my body like someone stabbing me with an ice pick.  When I could think again, it pissed me off and I bought the kits.  I was just thinking about it, but that decided me.  If they get kits from their useless dad or their husbands before I get the kits to them, then good.  Can’t have too many in the car.  But when I moved here in 2017 I could not believe how ignorant they were of basic road safety.  When they make these kids take driving tests they should make them also have knowledge of road safety, as in if the car breaks down or weather is so bad they have to stop or some other emergency.  They are just sitting ducks.  No doubt that’s what the IdIoTTwins want so they can mess with them all the time.  If we could hold the government responsible for all the wrecks, emergencies turned to tragedy, and the like on government roads, then I know they would put roadside safety on the licensing tests.  So much needless pain and tragedy on the roads.  I don’t want my 20 something nieces out there, especially with a newborn.  I need to find a roadside emergency kit with newborn baby safety items in it, if such a thing exists.

Then I went to take the trash out and one of their weirdest, grossest bugs I have seen was by my drier.  I killed it and threw it away, but it was disgusting.  No doubt I am supposed to fixate on it and go crazy having the house torn apart from it.  If I over react to every little thing I have no time to recuperate before the next stupid thing happens.

And so it goes.  On and on and on and on and on and on and on….

They have the money, top secret contacts and clearances, man-power, and everything else in their favor.  They act like I pick on them.  What can I do?  I am one person who has to live where they have negotiated I live in a way that was negotiated, and completely attacked and interfered with by them and the people they control.  They have every advantage.  But, they are weak.  They have had everything handed to them.  They haven’t had to try for anything.  They are used to preying on people in their teens and 20s, maybe even 30s.  I’m in my 50s now.  The repetition of their attacks is starting to work against them.  All I have to do is have half of my memories and I see the same patterns over and over and over and over.  They have all the power and micromanage my life, then it has to be how they operate.  They will never change.  They will just do the same stupid stuff.  They aren’t smart enough or motivated enough to do any different.  They love whining because I fight back.  They milk it like a 1950s drama queen.  They are both 1950s drama queens the way Mommy Dearest taught them.  That doesn’t give them an excuse, though.  They have no right to hurt people the way they do.  They sure don’t have the right to decide anything about anyone’s lives, especially whether they live or not, get into emergency situations or not, and other important decisions.

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