Bozo the Clown and Chicken Little Report that the Sky is Falling

Today was full of IdIoTTwin drama, but other than that, it was a nice day.  They love to do stupid stuff to you and then have you go tell it to as many people as possible.  They keep drama going in my life.  If I was one of those people who get a thrill out of having the drama story of the day, I would love it.  But I know the IdIoTTwins are the kind of people who love constant chaos and drama, so it just makes me furious.  I don’t tell anyone anything unless I have to.  I do not like constant drama.  If I have a problem, I try to get help, but ultimately I just have to take care of it.  If I can’t fix it, then I just have to keep trying until I have met whatever criteria of the morons and then I finally get help.  Usually it is a simple fix, but I have to go through some ridiculous dramatic labrynth to get it done.  That way the IdIoTTwins milk it for as much attention as possible.

I remember that my mom made every little inconvenience a huge dramatic production.  For my entire life I felt like I was living in a 1950s melodrama, like “Gone with the Wind” or some Elizabeth Taylor production.

Let me give you an example.  Today the air conditioner at the house went out.  We are having record breaking heat.  If that happened to my mom she would literally call me hysterical and say something in a threatrical dramatic voice, like “I DON’T Know WHAT I am going to DO!”  Long dramatic pause to force you to participate.  “What is it, Mom?”  “Oh MY air conditioner is BROKEN apparently!  I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I am going to do!”  “Try calling a repair man.”  “Oh my GOD!  You JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT I AM GOING THROUGH!  THIS IS SO HARD!  I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I WILL DO!”

It would just go on and on and on.  There were a million reasons why she couldn’t find a repairman, then she couldn’t afford the repairman.  At the money phase she had all kinds of people giving her a few dollars here and there, like a traveling preacher or something.  Oh, I should add that God featured in her dramas, so if you helped her you were doing God’s will.  When someone else had problems, including me, then I deserved it because I had somehow failed God.  In her drama she was the only person great enough for God to help and the Devil to target.  So it became sort of a 1950’s melodrama with the Jim and Tammy Baker show thrown in to get some money.  I would send the money so she would shut up.  I think everyone was like that.  She whined to the family, to the neighbors, to people at the convenience store.  She kept going until she got what she wanted.  Someone would fix it for free and she would have all that money she gathered, or services people offered to help.  They would do things like grocery shop for her, take care of her dog, and stuff people probably would have helped her with anyway.  But instead of being humble and thankful for people helping her, she always had the attitude of a conman who had succeeded and getting it over on a chump.

So, when crap like this happens to me, I hardly say anything.  When I really needed help after my sister died, I was told to put my big girl pannies on and quit crying.  That was from the idiots I worked with, who coincidentally acted exactly like my mom and the IdIoTTwins.  I don’t know, but I think this all stems from the IdIoTTwins mom.  She seems to like constant drama.  But the IdIoTTwins love to be the center of attention.  I mean, if you don’t notice them, they will get in your face and make you acknowledge them.  They act like they are putting on a show, but it’s this constant selfish need to be the center of attention all the time.  They cannot shut up.  They can’t live one day without being the big center of attention in some melodrama.

Today the drama was that I went to Tahlequah for my therapy appointment.  I was shaking like my adrenaline was being dumped into me non-stop all night.  I was murdered in my own dreams over and over, so I knew the IdIoTTwins were building up to something spectacular.  I drive really slow because it’s hard to have a car wreck when you are going a little under the speed limit.  Everyone wants to go a little over.  The IdIoTTwins want to go as fast as the car can go and then gripe that it doesn’t go faster.

So I was going slow and this car in the left lane kept pacing.  He wasn’t in my blind spot like they usually do, but he was at the left corner of the bumper of  my car.  He staid there whether I sped up or slowed down. It was weird.  He was keeping maybe half of an economy car length away from me.  It felt like we were attached in some way.  Not to go off on a tangent, but I wonder sometimes if they can connect all our cars together, like some computerized driving unit and keep us in the same place no matter how fast or slow the alpha car goes.  But anyway, it felt like that, like we were driving one car and I was setting the pace.  A white car, sort of economy sized came flying by my left side.  I slammed my breaks because I knew he was going to hit me.  He barely missed the pace car on the left and barely missed me, too.  They flew down the road as fast as possible and turned at the next road.  They didn’t have a license plate.  It may have been a new car with paper tags, but they didn’t have a real license plate.

You can’t convince me stuff like that is coincidence.  There’s such theatrical over-the-top build up to it.  Everything during the day seems wrong and then you get side swiped and end up in the hospital and without a car.  I have learned over my many years that if it feels like a day when something horrible is going to happen, then be on your guard.  You are probably right.  Maybe being on guard and slamming your breaks will help you survive one more day in IdIoTTwin Melodrama.

I’m sure if I had the accident they would have made the most of it to put them in the lime light.  As it was they want me to go around to everyone I can find and tell them about this near miss.

And then I got home and the air conditioner went out.  I’m sure I am supposed to be hysterical and tell everyone.  Maybe I am supposed to try to stay with my nieces so they can act out some melodrama at my expense?  Who knows?  But I am staying right here.

I know they have control over my central heating and air anyway.  They have control over the temperature of water in the house.  The IdIoTTwins can’t stand for me to take cold showers, so I can have the hot water turned off and it will start getting hotter and hotter while I shower.  And when I told my husband I turned off the air conditioner, he looked panicked.  No.  I was to keep it on just in case it was working some.  That means there is a set temperature it will stay at no matter what.  You know how when something goes out it works intermittently, nothing that goes out for my stuff ever does that.  The air is broken, but it stays at a consistent 80 degrees.  Bullshit.  Sorry for the curse, but really it is bullshit.

Everytime something breaks I get asked the dumbest questions from anyone I ask about it.  Basically the question begins with a lesson on how all the systems of an air conditioner works, or whatever I am having trouble with.  Then they ask if I have done this and that to each system.  It becomes so ridiculous that the questions are like, “Did you change the filter on the air conditioner while standing on your head and pointing your feet toward the north?”  It becomes so stupid that I just sit there.  I don’t even respond emotionally and with as few words as possible.  It’s too dumb to put any energy into.  Then the people get more and more hysterical with me, so I know the IdIoTTwins are chewing them out for not doing a good enough acting job to get a reaction out of me.  The calmer I am the more hysterical the people I have to deal with.  The IdIoTTwins and their overbearing mother are going to get their melodrama one way or the other.

So.  That’s the big, stupid Bozo the Clown theatrics with the Chicken Little hysteria that I am dealing with today…and every day.  It’s just one stupid, pathetic melodrama after another.  I hate the IdIoTTwins and their Mother.  I keep fantasizing different ways they get arrested, killed, lose the ability to talk and communicate, have other spies screw up everything they do, piss of the head devil worshipper who decides to destroy them, etc.  I have a million ways to shut them up and kill them.

I could write an entire mystery series based on my hate for the IdIoTTwins and the IdIoTMother.  But they won’t let me write.  They do everything possible to shut down any dreams of writing.  That’s part of why I am using writing to destroy them.  Terry stole all my good ideas.  He steals everyones ideas.  I could come up with something and start working it into something good, but before I get past the initial rough draft, I see the identical thing in a tv show, movie, or some form of entertainment.  I wonder how much money they have made off of my ideas.  I wonder how much of Terry’s writing is just my writing after it goes through the anal retentive Terry grammar check.

Terry is so boring.  He is basically a dictionary, thesauruses, and freshman in high school grammar book.  That used to seem mildly interesting, but now days you just put the writing on the computer and it does all that for you.  He’s not really amazing at all.  And he’s certainly not interesting.

So for those of you afraid of the spy agencies having too much power and micro managing society…from my experience you have a legitimate fear.  Anything we can do to slow these agencies and powers down is a huge victory for the average person.  Pray for me to be able to go on.  They have control of every single thing in my life along with every single system in my body, too.  They have complete micromanagement of my life.  Power corrupts.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely.  From my experiences with these spy organizations, that is absolutely true.

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