Bozo the Clown and the Mammogram

I missed my mammogram this morning.  I set my alarm wrong and slept right through it.  Here’s what I learned from that:

I was in more pain that I usually am when I woke up and all that pain was exactly where I would have hurt if I had the mammogram.  I felt bruised and was having sharp and pulsing dull pain especially in my right breast and under my right arm.  Those are places that always hurt after mammograms.  This says to me that the IdIoTTwins are hurting me to the extreme before I even get the mammogram.  Then when I have it done, they crank up the pain, and make it even worst after the mammogram.

This explains to me why I am the only woman I know who has blacked out while having a mammogram and almost fallen.  I just slumped over the side of the thing in pain and tried to breath.  The worst thing about mammograms is they tell you to hold your breath while they take the picture.  Every time I have one, they have problems and keep saying, “Hold your breath a little bit longer.”  After a little bit I am dizzy and confused.  The pain and lack of breathing is horrific, like I am in a huge torture device…and I am, since Bozo the Clown is behind the scenes giving directions.

Last year on top of all the pain and misery they messed up my billing and I had to pay $500 to be treated like that.

This year there was this big push for me to have an early morning exam.  I would have been even more exhausted and confused than usual before I even got in the stupid machine.  I wondered why I got all these texts and calls reminding me, like it was an emergency for me to be at this appointment.  Feeling the pain I am in right now, I can’t imagine how horrible it was going to be.

What can you expect with Bozo the Clown in charge.  “It’s a booby twisting machine!  I get to poke boobies!  I get to smash boobies!”  You think I’m joking or being mean.  No.  I am just being an honest eye witness.  I have seen Terry and Kerry acting like that many times.  They are immature idiots with access to stuff they shouldn’t have access to.  I thought they were harmless idiots at one time.  No.  They are murderers, thieves, and rapists.  They hang out with people like that and only have those kinds of people on their payrolls.  They aren’t harmless idiots like Bozo the Clown.  They are the disturbed monsters from horror movies and they need to be stopped.

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