Nothing Like Machine-like Repetition to Bore Your Prey to Death

Everything I have expressed here and the whole package of harassment, lies, and fear tactics are happening to my nieces.  It’s just the same exact stuff that was done to us when we were kids.  I fear that one of them will be killed or die of something crazy, like the cancer my sister got.  Since their mom actually died, that has to be even harder on them.  I keep thinking I am glad I am past menopause and have lived the best parts of life already.  If I died today, I wouldn’t regret anything.  I am satisfied.  But when you are in your 20s you don’t feel that way at all, unless something is really wrong.

When I was in my 20s I fought with my parents a lot, but my Dad would just talk and talk and talk, repeating himself over and over.  Some of what he said was a clue that I should take to help me get through the ridiculous stresses I was under.  My nieces lost their mom, and their grandpa, my dad, is dead.  They only have me to hear that stuff from and I barely get to spend any time with them.  When I do, they drive the conversations and what we do.  It’s obviously scripted by the man-baby IdIoTTwins, Terry and Kerry.  I don’t get to just talk like my dad did.

I went to visit one of my nieces today.  I invited myself because I am never invited to do anything with my nieces unless it is Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Two times a year I guess to represent the IdIoTTwins.  When I got there they suddenly told me they were sick.  My niece had been throwing up and blacked out.  It smelled like vomit.  From the neighbors downstairs it smelled like cigarette smoke.  I felt very nauseous, but I knew that was done on purpose to make me leave.  They had to do it because the IdIoTTwins run/ruin their lives.  I stayed two hours to defy the two idiot twins.

My niece and her husband were showing me these funny YouTube videos that this guy makes while playing Mario Brothers.  It was funny.  But I knew it was the man-baby IdIoTTwins making us watch them so they could say, “See.  She really likes us.  She just acts like she doesn’t because she is mean.  She laughed at the videos.”  Once again.  Like when my husband hands me a rose it has completely different meaning than when my worst enemy hands me a rose, when I laugh at YouTube videos with my niece and her husband, it is nothing like if the IdIoTTwins man-babies were showing me the same videos.  I absolutely hate Terry and Kerry Young.  They tortured my sister to death and they torture me and my family all day every day.  I want the IdIoTTwins killed.  I keep hoping some spy or special forces will just off them quietly and suddenly me and my family get to really live life.  Even if it was for 5 minutes, just imagine how great it would be to be on the earth without the IdIoTTwins on it.

My nieces are sick all the time, struggle with weight gain, PTSD, confusion, depression, and any number of trauma related problems.  Doctors just give them useless vague answers.  Obviously they are going to doctors the IdIoTTwins are making them go to.  They are bought off by Terry and Kerry.  Kerry had the nerve to try to emphasize for the millionth time that the brother was the idiot and he can’t help it.  Bullshit.  Those two could not get by with the things they get by with if they weren’t covering for each other.  They are one person basically who can be in two places at once.  Just stop and think about what we are up against.  It’s so monumental because the twins are cheating.  They are one person getting two votes and getting to be in two places at once.

I mean, just follow this thought… Why do scientists get paid so much money to run experiments on twins?  The IdIoTTwins think it’s because they are just that amazing.  They are idiots.  It’s because they can be in two places at once.  They can make the facts murky and get by with things others can’t.  People with money and power want that power.  They will find a way to replicate it and put it into play for themselves.  Just like some many other things “twin” will become available for the right price to the right people.  I don’t know if it will be robots, computer programs, genetic manipulation, combinations of those, or something completely different, but this is why they are so interested in twins.  It has to be.  Those mega rich unfeeling monsters don’t think the IdIoTTwins are cute.  They think they have something useful that they want control of.  So I tell you emphatically that Terry and Kerry Young work as one person who can be in two places.  They cover for each other.  They are the “marriage” in their lives and no other relationship really matters to them.  Kerry is not in any way separate from Terry.  No way.

I want them out of my life and out of my husband’s life and out of my nieces’ lives.  I want the IdIoTTwins killed in fact.  It really is like “Aliens”.  “It’s the only way to be sure.” But people much richer than they IdIoTTwins want them alive to study them like insects and figure out how to exploit twin-ness.  So much has been put into studying them that they will never be killed.  They will be study all the way up to how they die and how the other reacts.

In therapy I was told in Alaska and have been told in Oklahoma that my sister and I were basically twins.  My sister hated twins.  All of this makes me think my sister and I were part of the “twin” experiments to see if you can force twin-ness.  I think I am still being studied to see how my reaction to the trauma of losing her plays out throughout my life.  I am still being studied.  That’s they only thing that has kept me from being killed, I believe.  I think the IdIoTTwins have tried to have me killed in accidents for my entire life – well, them and their family.  There is something about this awful experiment that the twins and their family hate, too.  I believe it is because we are Christians and they have made it plain to me that they are Devil Worshippers.  They think they get the negative energy from a person if they can kill them especially in a way that the victim is terrified when they die.  It’s certainly what they did to my sister.

I have horrific nightmares every single night.  They haven’t found therapy or meds that can fix it.  It has been going on for most my life, even as a very small child.  But since my sister’s death it is every single night.  I think they think they are getting dark energy/powers from the flashbacks and night terrors.  I think the way they are repetitive without any changes when I am sleeping, like a computerized loop means they are using some kind of computerized thing to make it happen.  I’m not a scientist, but in general we are constantly amazed at the military technology that was developed but kept secret 20 to 50 years ago, so imagine what they can do that they aren’t telling us now.  Especially think of experimental technology that has not been fully completed.  They could be doing anything to us.


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