Backlash to Speaking Out

Today I had to get out and get my medicine.  Yes.  I take medicine.  This is something that is so shocking and taboo to the IdIoTTwins that they spend an unusual amount of time trying to convince me that every weird pain I feel is a side effect to meds.  When I didn’t know I was in this stupid program and I thought I actually got to live my life, I quit all my medication at once.  It was when “The Reveal” first started and I was in shock.  I thought I was going crazy.  Believe me.  Medicine is not the problem.  I have never had a problem with taking meds and seeing a doctor to help me out with my health.

Well, since I was around 30 years old.  Before I was young and mostly healthy.  I didn’t think anyone needed medicine back then.  But around 30 when my husband had gall bladder surgery, I changed my mind.  If we had just left that in him, he would have died.  I don’t believe for a minute that it was God’s will for my husband to die before 30 years old from gall bladder disease.  I also thought that the doctors, nurses, etc. who helped him were great.  I didn’t have a problem with any of it except I hadn’t been raised that way.  I really didn’t even know how to navigate a hospital as a young woman.  I had a little experience in emergency type situations, but not the checking in, all the different people that had to interact with us, etc.  It was weird, but good.

But anyway, when I just quit my meds because the stuff I was hearing, reading, watching were all questioning medicine and the medical profession.  About 5 years later I realized the IdIoTTwins must belong to a cult like Scientology or something similar.  I quit all my meds and quit going to doctors for a while.  I ended up loosing a year of my life.  I can’t remember 2015.  It wasn’t the damn meds making me crazy.  It was these IdIoTTwins messing with every bit of my life every second of my life.  When I got past that stupid period and got on some real medicine under a psychiatrists care in 2016 I started improving.  The IdIoTTwins started the same crap with surrounding me with people and even news saying that meds and doctors are bad and a scam.  Of course the health care system is atrocious and needs a complete overhaul, but there are some good people in there just doing the best they can in an awful system.  So I stuck with my meds and kept going to the doctors for help.  It’s been slow, but I have definitely improved and that’s with these IdIoTTwins attacking me in any way possible.

One of the medical things they used to do was have my husband have some garlic smelling junk on his breath. Every time I tried to kiss him, he stunk like a garlic lined garbage can.  As soon as I smelled that I passed out.  I would be shaking and cold, unable to move from chair, bed, couch or wherever like I was in shock.  I would be confused and have hallucinations.  They have perfumes that do that, food smells, colognes, deodorants…I guess they can put it in anything.  Being on medicine that stabilized me made all the difference in how quickly I could rebound from that drug.  I think it is some date rape thing.  I don’t know.  I don’t date, so I don’t worry about date drugs and the like.

But just now I went out on my porch and picked up a package from Amazon.  The porch smelled so strongly of barbecue that I could taste it.  The package was black with dirt, like it had been rolled in a mud puddle and walked on with muddy boots.  I took it inside and I started shaking and feeling confused.  I am still feeling it, but I went and washed my hands well as quickly as possible.  I’m way inside of my house instead of near the porch where the smell was.  And I have taken my meds today.  I even took an extra one for anxiety.  I think that has helped me stay calm and write about this even as I am chilling and feeling shaky.  I can’t focus my eyes well.  My hands are shaking.  My mind is wandering.  I cannot express how much I hate them for drugging me and hurting me for no real reason.  All the crap they say about me is either untrue or they caused it.

I have PTSD and that’s their fault.  I have childhood trauma, paranoia and trust issues.  That’s their mom’s fault and their family’s fault.  IBS that I have is not really real.  Every time I have a colonoscopy it comes back fine.  They cause those symptoms.  They don’t want me taking meds for it because they want to control my bowels.  I have migraines, but not really.  They call them “A typical” which means not like regular migraines.  It’s bullshit symptoms the IdIoTTwins force on me.  I mean it is real.  I really have IBS symptoms and migraines, but doctors can’t find any causes.  It’s the IdIoTTwins drugging me.  They have people and ways to do it.  They have access to top secret military grade technology.  Can you imagine a bunch of man-babies with access to that?  Of course they use it to hurt me.  Then they have people laugh at me about it.  It’s just a game.

When I started getting better they had people randomly yelling around me, “Party pooper.”  Like taking care of myself was ruining their sick party.  They had people yelling that snitches get stitches. All I was doing was taking care of myself.  They want people confused, isolated, and at their mercy.  They have no mercy, so they think it is funny to hurt us.  They are upset when we do well.  They are sick, spoiled idiots released onto society.  They have no plan to help society.  They worship confusion, chaos, and destruction until you bring confusion to them, make chaos from their games, and destroy what they are doing.  That’s what makes me know the “chaos” worship is bullshit.  They have a very detailed plan for everything on the earth.  The way they micro manage me, I know they have plans.  To say they simply want chaos is not true.  It’s another lie.  It’s another layer to their “game” where they hunt us down like animals and kill us.  That’s their “game”.  It even fits the play on words they love to use.

I could write more about today and the raw stupidity of it all as I navigate the gauntlet of  bigotry and ignorance the IdIoTTwins place in my way especially when I go out of the house.  I took pictures and video of some people they stationed outside of my house, though.  LOL!  That is one thing I did.  I don’t go out unless I have the strength to fight, especially when I am alone.  If I ever disappear, you will all know why.  I’m definitely one of the favorite “game” they hunt constantly.

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