Just Try to Live with Blithering IdIots Making Fun of Everything You Do….

I was thinking today that I would love to go 35 minutes to Tulsa and see a live play production.  They have “Les Miserables” coming to the stage.  My husband and I used to go to plays at the colleges in Anchorage.  We loved the energy of all the actors learning about themselves and themselves.  Sometimes professional actors seem used to the attention and interaction with the audience.  But usually college students are still thrilled with hearing the audience and interacting with them.  We also went to see professionally produced plays and live performances.  Now we never do that.

First of all, anytime we decide to go to something that we have to buy tickets to beforehand the IdIoTTwins know the schedule.  We will have planted people we meet or can’t help but hear complaining about how awful the show is.  Then on or a little before day of we usually both get stomach flu and have to run to the bathroom all the time.  Then at the performance everything that can go wrong will go wrong.  Afterwards, we just want to rest and start feeling better.  And then we will run into people supposedly randomly talking about how stupid it is to spend the time and money seeing the show.  We will be made fun of like we have no taste and are unable to appreciate the fine points of “real” shows, etc.  It just never ends.  Years later they have people still spazzing out making jokes about the same show we may have seen 20 or more years ago.  We don’t even bother trying to go to plays anymore.

Oh, and I can’t forget to say that often in a crowd someone has something that makes me faint.  If I don’t actually fall, I am still dizzy and confused the whole time.  They act like I have some mental and medical problems that cause this, but it’s random.  There’s no rhyme or reason to it.  If I stay in my house and don’t go anywhere, I am fine.  And if I really do have reasons I don’t feel safe and well in crowds anymore, it is from decades of being abused by the Cult Followers of the IdIoTTwins.

Most of the things I used to enjoy I don’t anymore.  Some is from grief of missing my sister, who used to do most of what I did, and we would share our experiences with each other.  Most has stopped since “The Reveal” when I found out I was being watched all the time in my own home and everywhere I go by complete blithering idiots, Terry and Kerry.  Identical dumb.  They are obnoxious and jealous of people doing anything other than paying attention to them.  They will not let me and my husband have any privacy.  They never let us do anything but stuff that involves them in some way through these complex, yet ignorant, plans that force us to just be observers of the IdIoTTwins ruining our lives at every possible moment and in every possible way.

List of things I used to enjoy that I don’t enjoy anymore:

  • Sex
  • Intimacy
  • Showering
  • Dressing/hair/make-up
  • Exercising
  • Dancing
  • Feeling free
  • Socializing
  • Playing games
  • Writing, esp. poetry
  • Food
  • Showing my emotions
  • Visiting with family
  • Going shopping
  • Fishing
  • Driving
  • Looking at scenery
  • Reading
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Praying out loud
  • Thinking out loud to solve problems
  • Things that used to be fun, like bears, unicorns, the color purple

Really, they have sucked the life out of my life.  It’s like they just drained me of me.  Same for poor husband.  They have a whole troop of people to harass in every way possible in every area of our lives.  They can’t do this stuff without a bunch of sell-outs and a snitch/harassment culture.  When these people do some awful thing to me and/or my husband they get bragged about and given special treatment along with things actually worth money, if not actually paying them.

We tried for most of our lives to take the high ground and try to just endure the abuse.  But when I found out in “The Reveal” who was behind it, that all ended for me.  It’s all out war to get my life back.  If I pray something out loud, they make sure that the prayer is obviously not answered and they harass me about my faith.  If I try to talk through a problem to myself, they first make sure whatever solution I come up with does not succeed.  Then they have people around either making fun of it or they give the same thing to someone else.  Then they keep harping on it until I want to scream, cry, and pass out.  The worst was not letting me have kids or adopt.  They also wouldn’t let me get my college degree.  Wouldn’t let me have a decent place to work.  Wouldn’t let any community accept me.  Would not let me have a career.  I always ended up just being a worker and they would say it was because I did too much work.  That proved to them that I was just a worker and not really a person who sees the bigger picture.  That has really blown up on them because I am a hard worker and I do understand the bigger picture.  That’s why I am writing about exactly what they do as much as I can.  I see them and I want them destroyed.  They are parasites feeding on the work and lives of other people.

They go around acting like I am somehow their “wife”.  They can watch a marriage from beginning to end, but they are not part of it.  I get that they had my husband do things, give me things, say things, etc that was from those IdIoTTwins.  My husband is worth enduring the bad and the fact that have gave me the good meant more because of my real husband.  I love my real husband, so it makes everything he does different to me.  It’s all colored in eyes of love.  But I hate the IdIoTTwins.  They aren’t worth any suffering.  Every “nice” thing they try to do has strings attached, but more than that it is colored in hate because I can’t stand them.  It makes me sick that they pretend that marriage is nothing more than sort of buying a woman and paying her to stay with you.  They turn marriage into some weird prostitution long term.  It’s disgusting.  They ruin everything.  Both of them.  They are both in on it.

I want my life back and my husband back.  I want those IdIoTTWins and their Cult out of my life.  It’s so hard to quit a cult.  They always want to kill people who want to leave.  And these IdIoTTwins are abusive.  They try to hurt me to intimidate me to not stand up to them.  That is why they criticize, hurt me, destroy my opportunities that could make me independent of them, humiliate me, destroy my self-esteem, and destroy anything I like.  They want me too weak to try to get away.  These two twins are horrible, horrible people.  They are not “good old boys”.  They are not “jolly chaps”.  They are abusive, cult leaders who will destroy you if you don’t do things how they want it done.

Watch “Aftermath” with Leah Remeny in it on A & E.  You may have to get the app to see it, but it’s worth it.  That explains the level of targeting my husband and I are suffering through for wanting to leave the IdIoTTwin Cult.

I may not be able to enjoy much, but I am not going to quit doing passive resistance against the IdIoTTwins.  I want them gone.

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