The Rise of the Age of Toddler Leadership

I don’t usually make comments about anything too political because I am already basically on house arrest for having a mind of my own and making some comments that upset some babies in charge, ie IdIoTTwins.  It’s interesting to me that some idiots who thought it was funny to say jokes like, “Christian girls like Jesus because they like sweaty men tied to a pole to have sex with.”  I had to listen to that and so many other disgusting, derogatory, anti-Christian perversions while I was working at the worksites these fools were running unbeknownst to me.  At one they would come in like customers and scream out stupid stuff like that.  Other people would laugh while I looked shocked and sickened.  Decades later I find out that they are actual rich morons in charge of a bunch of stuff they have no business having anything to do with.  Namely they should not be in charge of any living thing or non-living thing.  That they are in charge of anything is disturbing and scary because they are incompetent and unfeeling.  If they cry that their feelings are hurt, they really mean they didn’t get their way.

But these same fools are completely offended if you say something like, “It’s a good thing women finally got the vote.”  One little conversational nugget like that and they are screaming, cussing, pouting, offended and start a personal assault on the person who says it without the person knowing what in the world is going on.  In essence the IdIoTTwins throw a tantrum.  They think they have every right to this with all the conviction of a toddler.  They can’t be reasoned with.  It’s not like they will finally self-sooth and then be able to act like a “big kid”.  They just keep throwing fits every time they hear anything similar to what sets them off.  They fully expect to get their way, too.  The idea of consensus, compromise, etc is nonexistent with them.

So I saw this picture of Trump with an orphaned kid from the racist slaughter of dozens of people in El Paso.  I mean, look at this idiot.  He is all, “Hey, someone is taking a picture of ME.  I AM so cool, Dude!”  He has no connection with what is going on.  In fact, he can’t even act like he is touched, concerned, cares…no appropriate emotion at all.  It’s like a toddler classroom where some kid is screaming because he was hit in the head with a wooden block and some other kids is dancing around because they got an ice cream cone.  The toddler has no worry about the kids crying if he is getting something he wants.  That is exactly the mentality of the idiots we have in charge now.  I don’t want to make little kids look bad.  Toddlers are fun a lot of the time, but adults in power acting this way is embarrassing.  You would think some fool who was on a tv show could act better at any rate.  Maybe he needs a tv director to give him a clue.

It fascinates me even more that no reporters could be there when the president met with the people from shooting and this is the picture they chose to represent Trump, the moronic embarrassment of most of the American public.  Every time he gets a chance to show a human side and get people to like him, he just brags on himself more, acts inappropriately with no sign of knowing what a fool he looks like, and and on top of that makes everything worse.  We are talking about a situation where a racist shot down Hispanic looking people in public, and Trump manages to make it worse.  He has no self awareness, no awareness of others, and no human-like intelligence at all.  If he really was an actor this is where he would get booed off the stage.

The IdIoTTwins in charge of me are exactly the same.  No matter how awful my life can be they make is infinitely worse.  They are sexist and think women are on the same level as animals to be herded around.  They think women are just here to baby them and always please them.  They moan through mouthpieces, “I don’t know why you don’t trust me.”  What they mean is that they think the sign of trust if blindly following.  I don’t just blindly follow.  They have preachers giving sermons on, “Women follow your husband.”  Once again they mean to blindly follow.  And ultimately what does all this mean?  It can be summed up in a fit thrown by a child when they don’t get to play the game they want to play and can’t get you to pretend the parts they want you to pretend.

I’m sick of these fools being compared to psychos, sociopaths, and all these fancy sounding psycho babble words.  Every bit of that fits into their self aggrandizement.  I want to put it how it really is.  They are spoiled babies who cannot cope with reality.  It’s funny that they IdIoTTwins have a mom that brags about being a mom constantly.  She thinks she deserves some prize for having twins.  She obviously didn’t raise them at all.  They could have gotten stuck at toddler stage by just being fed and not interacted with in any meaningful way by an adult.  That seems to be what happened with these fools.

Lets look at the milestones for early childhood development and see if they have matured in any way.  This is from the site.

By Two Months:

Begins to smile at people.  They fail this because they glare at everyone unless they get their way.  They do not just smile at people like a normal reaction at seeing another person.

Can briefly calm herself.  Nope.  Another fail.

Tries to look at parent.  Ok.  They get this one because they are still staring at mommy.

Pays attention to faces.  Nope.

Begins to follow things with their eyes and recognizes things at a distance.  They have the attention span of a gnat.  They don’t follow things with their eyes.  They just stand around basking in attention as much as possible without really paying  any attention to anyone else.

Begins to act bored (cries, fussy) if activity doesn’t change.  Yes.  They got one.

Coos, makes gurgling sounds.  They speak like Trump for the most part except when Terry is showing off that he can use complete sentences.  I guess in the world of the ruling elite Toddlers, that is an amazing feat.  But mostly they use sounds and very limited vocabulary.

Turns head toward sounds.  Nope.

Pays attention to faces.  Nope.

Makes smooth movements with arms and legs.  Nope.  They walk like they are drunk or on a ship.  I think they are high most of the time.

Four months old:

Smiles spontaneously, esp. at people.  No.

Likes to play with people and might cry when play ends.  No.

Copies some movements and facial expressions like smiling or frowning.  Yes.  They are not able to understand emotion, so they mimic it to try to fit in.

Begins to babble.  Yes.  They never shut up and they make no sense.  It’s just twin-babble. I don’t see how twin babble is more amazing that baby babble in general.  Leave some babies together enough and they will understand each other, too.

Babbles with expression and copies sounds he hears.  Terry doing Shakespeare with no understanding of the underlying emotions of the piece.

Cries in different ways to show hunger, pain, or being tired.  Not really.  Not that you can tell.

Lets you know if he is happy or sad.  Yes.  Even when it doesn’t matter to someone.  They think every person cares if they are happy or sad like their mommy does.

Responds to affection.  No.  Not unless you are one of the “worthy”.

Six months:

Knows familiar faces and begins to know if someone is a stranger.  Yes.  This is the main way they look at life.  Is the face familiar, like their family, or a stranger (anyone else)?  That’s how they see the world.

Likes to play with others, especially parents.  Yes.  Likes to play with others like themselves and try to please their parents.

Responds to other people’s emotions and often seems happy.  No.

Likes to look at self in mirror.  Yes.  Favorite activity for these two and they are looking in the mirror when they look at each other.

Responds to sounds by making sounds.  Yes.  Lots of grunting, howling, belching, farting, and groaning en masse.

Responds to own name.  Yes, and twin’s name.

Begins to say consonant sounds, jabbering.  They love to jabber and “The Jabberwocky” is a favorite with them.  A poem written for a young girl.

Nine months:

May be afraid of strangers.  Yes.

May be clingy with familiar adults.  Yes.

Has favorite toys.  Yes, including human beings they use as toys.

Understands “no”.  No.

Makes a lot of sounds.  Yes.

Copies sounds and gestures of others.  Yes.

Uses fingers to point at things.  Yes.  Finger-pointers-ad-nauseum

One year:

Is shy and nervous with strangers.  Yes.

Cries when mom and dad leaves.  Yes.  They have not ever broken away from their parents or even from each other in a healthy sibling maturation.  They are really stuck in the baby stages of life and will not try to grow.  They just cry and get what they want from mommy and daddy or mommy and daddy figures.  Spoiled and useless as adults.

Has favorite things and people.  Yes.  A “good” person is someone who fulfills the extended safety and supplies of their needs like a parent.  That’s their favorites.

Shows fear in some situations.  Yes.  But they are scared of everything.  They have to constantly be reassured and cared for by parental type people in their lives.

Hands you a book when he wants to hear a story.  Yes.  Terry is always lost in a story because he can’t handle reality and Kerry follows right along, like a good little twin.  They make everything a story they want to hear and throw fits if they hear anything they don’t like.

Repeats sounds or actions to get attention.  Yes.  They are like an endless loop.  Everything they do is just repeating some sound or action to get attention.

Plays games like peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake.  Yes.  In disgusting blurring of child and adult lines, they make dumb nasty jokes of such things regularly.

Respond to simple spoken requests.  No.

Use simple gestures like shaking head “no” or waving bye-bye.  Sometimes.

Says, “mamma” and “dada” and exclamations like “uh-oh!”.  Yes.  These are the fundamental words in many of the exclamations they utter.

Tries to say words you say.  Yes.  Their fake accents are garbage.  When Terry used to try to fake my accent he sounded even more ignorant than usual.  When I didn’t laugh his feelings were hurt and he was offended.  I have heard myself on recordings.  I know what I sound like.  He tried to copy other accents and they stunk in general.  Now that I know he is British it explains a lot.

Explores things in different ways, like shaking, banging, throwing.  Yes.

Finds hidden things easily.  No.

Looks at the right picture or thing when it’s named.  No.

Copies gestures.  Yes.  They use mirroring a lot when talking to people.  I guess it comes natural to crazy twins.

Bangs two things together.  No comment.

Lets things go without help. No.

Pokes with index finger.  Yes.

Follows simple instructions.  No.

May take a few steps without holding on.  No.

May stand alone.  No.

Eighteen months:

Likes to hand things to others as play.  No.

May have temper tantrums.  Yes.  Constantly.

May cling to caregivers in new situations.  Yes.  Caregivers being people who cater to their ever whim.

Explores alone.  No.  They are never truly alone.

Points and shakes head “no”.  Yes.  All the time just like a toddler.

Points to one body part.  No comment.

Scribbles his own name.  Yes.

Walks alone.  No.  Never.

Two years old:

Copies others, especially adults and older children.  Yes.  They are really followers only.  They copy and follow.  They are never original or standing on their own.

Gets excited when with other children.  No.  They get scared when they are with other people.  They have to constantly dominate and be in control because they are afraid to be vulnerable.

Shows more and more independence.  No.  They show more and more dependence.  They have safety in their secret societies and connections of the rich.

Shows defiant behavior.  No.  They are doing exactly what they are told to do by others with more money and power than they have.

Plays mainly beside other children.  No.  They only “play” by the ones that their parents and people in power say they can play beside.  Do you golf with these guys?  Then you are not their “friend”.  You are not in their social circle.

Finds things even when hidden under two or three covers.  No.

Begins to sort shapes and colors.  Yes.  Their whole world is sorted by color of skin, shapes of different races, and the different body shapes of male/female.

Completes sentences and rhymes….  YES!  Cannot get Terry to quit doing this.  This is also an example of repeating actions to get attention.  He really is a toddler and Kerry is his identical shadow.

Plays simple make-believe game.  Their entire lives is knotted make believe stories.  All they do is tell and act out stories.  They don’t care about truth.  They just want their own way like a very young child.

Build towers of 4 or more blocks.  Yes.  This seems particularly appropriate to express Trump’s mentality.  He is literally still building towers bigger and bigger.  He is excessively proud of it, too, like a little kid in the block area.

Follows two step instructions.  No.


Shows affection for friends without prompting.  No.

Takes turns in games.  No.

Shows concern for a crying friend.  No.

Understands the idea of “mine” and “his” or “hers”.  No.

Shows a wide range of emotion.  No.

Separates easily from mom and dad.  No.

May get upset with major changes in routine.  Yes, excessively.

Dresses and undresses self.  Sort of.  They wear what they are supposed to wear according to their group.  They are followers.

Follows instructions with 2 or 3 steps.  No.

Names a friend.  Yes.  Any “good guy” who does what he is told.

Says words like “I”, “me”, “we”, and “you”….  Mostly just “I” and “me”.  With the twins “we” just refers to the two of them in general.

Talks well enough for strangers to understand most of the time.  Yes.

Carries on a conversation saying 2 or 3 sentences.  No.  They don’t converse.  They tell you what to do or tell stories that tell you what you should do.  They tell you how to feel and respond.  They seem to talk to each other but since they are twins they are really just talking to themselves as one person.

Plays make-believe with animals and people.  Yes.  Everything is make-believe.  They are mad at me for finding out they were treating my life like make-believe and being mad about it. They are so immature that they have no idea why I am mad.  They have never lived a day on this earth as a real adult.  They can’t understand any more than a baby could understand it.

So at age three milestones they are failing miserably.  This is the mentality of the immature man-babies we are having to deal with being in charge of our world.  I have to admit that it depresses me.  I have no idea how to deal with them.  I know the psycho babble is to just focus on yourself and there is a little something to that.  But we shouldn’t all be separated from having real friends, family, and communities by being over-worked and emotionally, financially abused by the systems these man-babies are making us take part in.  For most of our marriage my husband and I have hardly had quality time between all the working and the dysfunctional nightmares in our work places draining us to negative energy.  We couldn’t get our energy back over a weekend because our work places have been horrific.  This is because of these man-babies in control of our lives.  It’s not just me and my husband.  It’s almost everyone in the United States if not the world.

I still have flashbacks of my workplaces on a daily basis.  Now that they finally beat me down to disabled, I finally have time to work on myself and put some energy into my marriage.  As horrific as it is to have extreme PTSD, complicated grief, childhood trauma, depression, and anxiety, it is still better than having to go to work every day to be physically, psychologically, spiritually, and financially abused.  Working didn’t help me join in the community and provide for my family.  It constantly beat me down and abused me at the direction of these man-babies in control.  Now when my husband and I talk I have the energy to be present.  It’s not always easy, but I have the energy to fight through it and focus.  I’m not in a constant state of shock sliding backwards into pain and misery.  Most of my life really hasn’t been worth living.  It has not been quality life.  But my husband is quality and I am so grateful to come through part of this with my marriage in tact.  It’s the only thing that has survived the hell he and I both have been through.  We are still going through it, but I’m starting to have some hope for us.  I know the horrific pains we endure are not our doing and we don’t deserve it.  Just like an abused spouse or child doesn’t deserve the abuse they endure.  My husband and I do not deserve the abuse piled on us and our marriage by these immature man-babies, Terry and Kerry Young.

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