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I’m trying out blogging on a new computer.  The IdIoTTwins are in full swing and more ignorant than ever.  They have my husband going to MY nieces wedding while representing Terry, the selfish attention stealing loser.  He uses everything in our lives like a canvas for him to show off and get attention.  It’s all about Terry IdIoTTwin’s “branding”.  The IdIoTTwins thrive on advertising for themselves or as it is known in this day and age; branding.  The wants and needs of the bride and groom do not matter.  All that matters is that the IdIoTTwins get as much exposure as possible.  I didn’t go to make a point.  I will not support Terry and Kerry in their stupidity and selfishness.  I will not help them to steal our lives like some sick parasites feeding off of us.  They pretend they take care of us, but they do not.  Terry tortured my sister to death as she died of cancer.  He did it as a sick joke.  He had people walking around me saying how that they had celebrations of life and didn’t cry when someone died.  That’s not how it is when the person who dies was incredibly close to you.  Especially when they suffered exceedingly and unnecessarily.  After she died suddenly everyone could explain hospice to me and tell me that I should have contacted them.  Of course the medical people talked to my sister and her husband, but her husband was rushing her death because he already had his next wife lined up.  Then everyone around me was saying that a man should marry almost instantly after a wife’s death because it’s too hard for a man take care of kids by himself.

My sister suffered without complaining until the cancer took her brain and then she was screaming for days.  But we are all supposed to feel sorry for her worthless idiot husband who let her hurt like that.  We are even supposed to feel sorry for the IdIoTTwins because it was supposedly hard for them to supervise all of that.  Bull.  Terry is mentally ill.  He loves to watch people and animals die.  He watches junk like that and laughs at it, like we might watch a stand up comic.  He had people make jokes about my sister’s death.  Only someone really sick would do that.  And his twin helps him get by with stuff like that.  Kerry knows Terry is sick.  He also knew me and my sister.  He helped his brother torture my sister to death right in front of me.  He never came forward about it until I kept going to different therapists and saying the same thing.  Terry tortured my sister to death.  He did not have anyone do anything responsible with her care and kept people away like me and my dad who would help her.  We were fighting to try to get her to get help and to get help to her.  The IdIoTTwins said we were over reacting and were trying to make her afraid.  She was afraid because she was dying.  She wasn’t just dying, she was dying without any pain medication.

Terry and Kerry did the “reveal” with me when they couldn’t make any headway after my sister died.  My Dad and I kept saying the exact same story because we were telling our eye-witness account of what we actually saw and experienced.  This fight has been going on for over a decade.  My sister died in 2006.  My Dad died in 2016.  But I am still here.  The IdIoTTwins got my favorite therapist fired just before my nieces wedding today.

I have been crying for over a day and my sleep is a mess.  I went to my sister’s grave and explained just to feel I got to talk to her.

This is not a joke.  I make a joke of the idiots by calling them IdIotTwins but it is not a joke.  My life is destroyed and they keep trying to put me in such shock that I can’t articulate what I have witnessed.  Well, I start with a new therapist on Monday and I am going to tell her my eye witness account AGAIN.  It has not changed in 13 years.  I will be telling the same eye witness account until my dying day.  The IdIoTTwins are not going to beat me.  I am going to kill them with the truth.

I am forced to live apart from my husband because of these horrible twins.  But my husband got to come down for this.  He is representing the idiots at the wedding, but as much as he can he is also representing me and my sister.  I love him so much.  I hate the idiot twins but I love my husband.

I think the Idiottwins’ mother is trying to act like she tried to raise them right, but twins were too hard.  Bullshit.  She is a complete bitch.  She has used those twins to hurt people all over the place.  She has used them to destroy and torture my family.  She is a monster, too, just like Terry.  She has done all she could to hide all the mental illness of Terry by acting like he is just joking.  He is not.  He is sick, sick, sick….  I mean he is the kind of sick you want to think doesn’t really exist. That sick bastard has private access to my life, had access to my sister’s family and still does, has access to my husband, and my sister had three girls.  Terry has access to those three girls and their families and now one has had another little girl.  Terry gets to torture all those innocent female souls.  I cannot express how I hate him.  I know what he has done to me, and I know what he does to my nieces and now grand-niece.

I pray that the IdIoTTwins get constant investigation and oversight in their dealings with my family.  I really want them removed from me and my family.  That is what I am calling for.  I want the IdIOTTwins Terry and Kerry gone.

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