IdIoTTwins, Murder, and a Wedding

These idiots have an entire life scope of making sure they always look good in their opinions. Of course, most people think they are drunk, drugged, perverted party boys who are still judging their public relations through the lens of spoiled adolescents, who dont have to grow up. They are still stuck in the 80s. They have to be the center of attention. They think they are the golden boys that get by with everything up to and including murder, rape, hate crimes, theft, ruining peoples lives, and never being held accountable for any of it.

2006 my sister died racked with pain only terminal cancer can cause without any pain medicine. Her idiot husband, who was under orders by the IdIoTTwins, worships money above anything on the earth. Everyone, who even kind of knows him, knows he is cheap. It goes far beyond this. It is pathological and its what the IdIoTTwins use to control him. They use deeply flawed people by using their weaknesses against them. So this idiot husband of my sister told her that if she got medical help that it would cost their kids a college degree. My sister at the end of her life kept going on about how the kids had to go to college and she couldnt use their money. Like health insurance could be applied to college debt. She was out of her mind in pain and also the cancer went to her brain. That idiot husband of hers should have taken her to the hospital, should have called hospice and had that set up, should have done everything he could besides setting on the money and guarding it like a thief.

The IdIoTTwins should be held accountable for all of that as well. I have been saying it since she died. My dad said it all the way up to her death and afterwards. He died in 2016. My mom was loyal to the IdIoTTwins and said what they told her. She died in 2018. I am the only person left of my family of origin. I am still saying that these IdIoTTwins murdered my sister. She was dying of cancer anyway, but they rushed it by not getting her proper care. On top of that they had her die in pain that is absolutely unthinkable. It is criminal.

AND on top of all of this the IdIoTTwins had the stepmother or my sisters girls waiting in the wings to marry within a year of my sisters death. My brother-in-law was married in no time. His wife now had to have already been established in his life when my sister was going through her rushed death.

NOW my youngest niece is getting married at the end of this month at the church their stepmoms dad was the pastor of for a long time. Its her family church. Her dad is doing the service. Of course my ex brother-in-law and the woman he rushed to marry after he rushed the heartless painful death of my sister, the nieces stepmom. I was going to go to the wedding. I have been trying hard to be ready. Its been a long time since I dressed for a formal occasion.

HERE on the brink of this wedding my therapist, who I love, is taken out of my life and I cant talk to her. It doesnt make any sense. There are no real answers. Its stupid. It is the work of the IdIoTTwins. Why? Even more than just trying to crush my soul, they want me to go to this wedding and just on optics alone they will argue that I didnt mean what I have been saying all these years. They will say I forgave the idiot brother-in-law. They will say that my therapist was poisoning me against him and his new wife. They will say, See! She is fine! They will pretend that over a decade of me and my dad before me saying the same thing the whole time only happened because of the therapists I have been seeing since she died.

AND these IdIoTTwins are Scientologist, who have a mission to fight the mental health profession. They belong to a cult. They lead a cult.

They have the money to pay off lawyers, mental health professionals, destroy peoples lives who disagree with them.

THEREFORE, I AM NOT going to my nieces wedding. They are not manipulating me to force me to optically agree with them. They murdered my sister in 2006 and her husband and the new wife were pivotal in making that happen. I will not change my story. I call for investigation into the parts all these people played in my sisters death, especially the IdIoTTwins. The stupid Scientology they believe in thinks if someone is sick just give them vitamins and water and the body will heal itself. If the person dies then it is because of something the person has done. Their whole cult religion is that he victim is always at fault. It is a blame the victim belief system.

Im sorry it will hurt my nieces, but I am not helping the IdIoTTwins in any way at all if I can help from it. I will not be going to the wedding.

Im sure my husband will go and represent Terry the Dumbass. I dont want to go watch my husband have to make an ass of himself on behalf of Terry Dumbass still showing off to high school girls in the 80s in his pathetic, drug addled, idiot mind.

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