IdIoTTwin Cult

I’ve been watching “Scientology Aftermath” on A&E App. I saw a 60 Minutes Australia edition on the disappearance of Shelly Miscavige, the missing cult leaders wife. I saw that on YouTube. And there’s a character named Blum on the third season of “The Good Fight” on the CBS All Access App that is exactly like Terry and Kerry if you are around them in person in a casual atmosphere. They have all the correct manners when they know someone is watching, but when they think no one of consequence is around they are complete psychos. They are combative, derogatory, and abusive. They lie, manipulate and dominate every setting to get their way. They never even try to understand anyone and if they are expected to, they go insane. They act like they are being attacked if they just have to have common decency around you. I know.. I was around the idiots. Once I rode a motorcycle for 10 minutes on a lunch break with Kerry and he has motor cycles around me all of the time. I wish I had never talked to. Them, smiled and was polite, or had anything at all to do with these alcoholic, drug addicted monsters. They are a cult.. They do exactly what the people in the Scientology cult do. I…..  I had to just publish this as is because someone was messing with the typing as I typed.  I finally just hit publish button because I knew that was what they were trying to stop.  I may not be able to craft this the way I would like because of constant interference, but I am just going to spit it out.  These IdIoTTwins are belligerent like drug addicts and cult leaders who will not allow any questioning from the people they think they own, because they are drug addicts and cult leaders.  I never, never, never belonged to their cult.  I will not be forced into their “management” of me.  They want to force me into unquestioning submission and I will not accept that.  If you want to know what it is like to be around these two watch the lawyer, Blum, on “The Good Fight” on CBS All Access.  If you want to know what life is like with them in control watch the series on A&E, “Scientology, the Aftermath”.








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