Ahhhh The Familiar State of Being Shunned

These people torturing me from behind the scenes follow a very strict, predictable protocol. When I don’t agree with them or even act in predictable ways so they can apply predictable abuses to me one of the main ways they “punish” me is by shunning me. They pretend they can’t see me, hear me, or understand what I am saying. They act like very immature middle school brats by not participating with me anymore. Unfortunately, it never lasts. If only I could get them to shut up. I have told them over and over that any communication, even their stupid color coded messages and nonsense like that, is communicating. I want them to stop communicating. I want them to just shut up. We have nothing to say to one another. I am never going to agree with them. Well, if it was only them, but they have to get my family and everyone who even remotely comes in contact with me to shun me or else. I’m not sure what they threaten them with, but they aren’t above doing anything. They will completely destroy a person’s life and family for having anything to do with me.

For instance I wrote a text to my niece and asked politely how she is doing and if I can visit my great niece this week. Eventually she replied that she was ok and was taking the baby to a doctor’s appointment tomorrow.

I texted my husband to ask where he is. Is he running late? He said he is running late, sorry he forgot to let me know. As in “I forgot you exist”.

I went to the store today and this guy went out of his way to cut me off and throw paper in the trash right in front of me while looking at me over his shoulder. Then he cut me off again later like I wasn’t even there.

This is the asinine insanity of these immature idiots with more money than brains. What I have been told is that if I accidentally get in their way that they will come at me with baseball bats and break my knee caps. That’s for getting in their way without any ill intent on my part. If I just accidentally disagree, question, resist, or just dare to have my own thoughts, they are going to come after me to completely destroy me. That’s exactly what they are doing.

I saw that A&E are coming out with another series about the Scientology bunch. Everything that entire series shows is exactly how these IdIoTTwins and their IdIoTMom are like. They are haters. All they do is fight and hurt people non-stop. They are constantly on the offensive. What’s weird is that this is exactly how the world is going. Our idiot president just lies constantly and attacks, attacks, attacks. He’s a belligerent fool. When did the people with the least character become the defining element of all of our lives?

These IdIoTTwins whine and feel sorry for themselves all the time. When they are making my husband represent them this is a common occurrence. I say something like, “I thought we might catch a movie this weekend?” The response is an angry tone saying, “I can’t go right now. I have to shower and get dressed. I can’t do that.” It’s all said like I was starting a fight and he had to defend himself. Then I might say, “Well, I didn’t mean right now. That’s why I said this weekend.” To which he will say, “I can’t go. I’d have to get dressed.” Then I say again with some irritation in my voice, “I didn’t mean right now.” Then he will start the fight for real, saying that I’m being unreasonable. Finally, I just give in. You can’t argue or reason with someone who is determined to start a fight. Then he stalks around the house pouting and not responding, like a spoiled child for any where from an hour to the entire weekend…or even more.

At least now that we are in different states I get to talk to him more and in better overall tone than when we were both in Alaska. But up there he worked late all the time and had all these errands to do. We would hardly see each other. Now that I am in another state I have spent more time with my husband on the video chat or the Xbox headset than I ever got to spend with him in Alaska. Now they are trying to make it where I can’t even see my husband that way. They have him always having an excuse to do something else. It’s just cruel and stupid. Sure sign it is Kerry/Terry/Marilyn the mom.

I’m going to live my life by my convictions. Just like I always have. If I have to live alone until I die, then I just will. I want my husband back. I didn’t leave him. I moved here for my health and it has been working. Apparently more people are involved if I am in Oklahoma. In Alaska I was often so sick and isolated that I remember crawling to the toilet and sleeping in the bathroom floor while my husband was working or doing errands. I was so weak I didn’t eat solid food for over a year at one period. It was one insane illness after another and no one to help. At least here there seem to be people monitoring if I am relatively healthy and safe. I will never leave Oklahoma again. I am too scared to go anywhere else. I want my husband back down here. And the beautiful thing about my husband is he feels just like Oklahoma. I love this state and I adore him. I know when he fails it’s always because he is forced to. He loves me and has been through hell to stay with me. If he ever divorced me, I couldn’t do anything about it. But I won’t ever divorce him.

And the weirdest thing of all of this is that these IdIoTTwins and their family are unable to have relationships. They spend all their time faking being in relationships. And they spend their time destroying good relationships between others because they can’t control it, but also because they are jealous. They keep pretending we all are jealous of them, but really we don’t even know they exist. How can you be jealous of people you don’t even think of on a regular basis? But they are jealous of all of us who can have relationships.

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