Predictable Illness and Other Curiosities Down the Rabbit Hole…

It’s the day after Mother’s Day. I was ill for my birthday and then Mother’s Day. This is an annual occurrence. I think that it is passed off to casual members in the circle around the fiasco that has become my life as psychosomatic. This is not true. I am stressed as much if not more during other times in the year, but those aren’t even noticed. No one on the other side ever remembers to make me sick for my Dad’s birthday, Father’s Day, or my sister’s death day. But people are paying attention to our birthday we shared and Mother’s Day. Those dates are always within a week of each other and every 7 years are on the same day. Birthdays and Mother’s Day are big days in the fertility cultish other side.

Now that it’s one day after Mother’s Day and 5 days past our birthday, finally the allergic reactions to food and migraines are ending. I know everyone who may come in contact with this probably says they have problems with migraines or severe headaches and/or digestion problems. These things are so vague that they can be a bout with the flu or chronic illness. It’s all on a spectrum. Well, I can predict my spectrums to the day. No matter what causes the illness, should I be able to do that? Should the exact same thing happen every year like it was programmed into a computer? I say that we are all being experimented on. The explanations for problems I have are used to convince random people involved in all of this that the same thing is true for them. But it’s all a lie. They are experimenting on the general population without consent. They are attacking people like me, who they want to shut up. It’s not just a ridiculously long list of coincidences that bring these same illnesses to me each year, but it’s a long list of coincidences that keep whole populations in check throughout each year.

The latest tactic they are using is “sealing my lips” each night when I sleep. When I wake up there is a very light seal on my lips. It’s not to actually hold them shut, but I can’t feel them. It’s weird to realize you kind of have to feel your own lips to use a straw or talk. I think they are sealing my lips with some kind of liquid skin. I scrub it off each morning. It’s starting to look like my lips are bruised. My sister’s lips were very very upsetting for me to look at before she died. I keep having flashbacks about them and these jerks behind the scenes know it. So every morning I am at the sink scrubbing and scrubbing my lips. When I can finally get the stuff off, it is like the thinnest tissue you could ever find. It does not feel like chapped lips. Besides I keep Vaseline Lip Therapy with me all the time.

I’m tired of being knocked out every night and people parading through my home. I hate being spied on and I hate being touched in my sleep even more. These people may have some fancy gravitas about them, but they are creeps. The fancier they act, the more creepy they are. I’m really fed up with it by the end of spring. Now I get the joy of Memorial Day, summer solstice, 4th of July…. It just never ends. They call it something like “wheel of the year” or some other thing they can use for their purposes.

But what I have come to realize is that there are creepy lawyers. I keep thinking of how during my last therapy visit my therapist kept trying to get me to confirm my laundry room is a bedroom. I wouldn’t. I didn’t know why I felt suddenly protective and stubborn, but I go with my gut instinct. They were trying to get me to say that at my laundry room is a bedroom for some reason. It’s not. This week I have noticed I am sick in my bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchen. If I sit in my dining room/crafting areas, or my laundry room, I am not sick. I spent all day yesterday in the crafting area and impulsively made necklaces to give away all day. Every time I sat in the living room, I was overwhelmed with sleepiness and then nausea.

I have been binge watching CBS’s “The Good Fight”. Awesome show. But after hours and starting to think like a tv lawyer, I saw more than the regular tv show tropes. I saw repeats of lawyers getting into more and more personal areas of people’s lives. Then I started seeing how I am more than a targeted individual. I am some kind of legal case, even to the point of trying to tell me how to dress, what to eat, how to sleep, my hygiene, and EVERYTHING! They are trying to legally make me a puppet and not a real human. They are trying to take personal rights away from me.

Brainwashing, lying to me, setting up every situation to go the way they want it to take away my right to free will. Fist they tear human apart and figure out how we work and then they make AI like us. They have to take away the rights of people like me so they robots they build off of us don’t have rights either. If they can take away human rights, then robots won’t have a chance. I know it sounds crazy, but I think something bizarre like that has become my life.

I want to be respected, to have free will and rights to my own opinions. I want to be seen as American and not a product of the whole stupid world. And I do not want any stupid robots made off of anything that that is unique to me. I don’t want them having my personality or anything remotely like me.

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