My Dead Dog Talked to Me in My Sleep Last Night

The main fool behind the scenes…and we all know who the fool is…has “studied” other cultures in the hopes of manipulating people from cultures other than his. His culture identifies as White Anglo Saxon Protestant (WASP). But even that he has just studied. This is a guy who dresses like a clown, acts out like a clown, and actually identifies with a clown. His whole reason for existence is to be a distraction while the evil people he really identifies with reek havok every where they go. The closest acronym would be Satanists Hate Identifying with Terror (SHIT). And “T” in that context is particularly appropriate, as we all know.

This “fool” is purposely hurtful, inflammatory, and exhaustingly belligerent. He really is insane. Crazy cannot be reasoned with. I fight him all day every day. At night he attacks me in my dreams. There’s no reasoning with him. There is only fighting. That is the only way I will interact with this useless piece of SHIT.

Last night he really topped himself. Since I fight him constantly, he isn’t making any progress with me. So he uses this low scum even for a scumball trick. He used the stupid machines he has access to and the personnel and he put a feedback loop dream in my mind last night. My dog, who I loved dearly and has been dead for 4 years, appeared in my dream complete with a halo. My husband was carrying her around so she would be face level with me no matter where I went or what I was doing.

The scumbag fool acts like he understands my own beliefs better than I do. My Dad was Native and passed on to me a lot of Native philosophy, history, and a general understanding of the beliefs. The IdIoTTwins act like I worship animals instead of God for this reason. First of all, the Native people did not “worship” animals. It’s absurd and shows the depth of the IdIoTTwins’ stupidity and insensitivity. They had my dog talking to me, like I would follow my dead dog like a religion. I am so offended and furious that I have no words. I am disgusted that they would try to use my poor little innocent dog like that. It makes me furious that they acted like my husband worshipped our dog. The whole thing infuriates me and makes me sick. Just when I think the IdIoTTwins can’t get any more ignorant, they do something like this. And, even if I did believe like that, how dare they use my little dog like that!

I’m just disgusted and speechless.

I’m sure that since I have written that this upset me that they will use it relentlessly from now on. I will know what to guard against. And it just helps me be better prepared. Those idiots have access to all the best education and this is the best they can do. Even if it is a “spoof”, how dare they spoof my relationship with my family pet. It’s ridiculous. The IdIoTTwins delight in offending and getting all the attention. They pretend they like it, but every time I call them idiots who are ridiculous, they are offended. Why? I thought that’s what they wanted to be. They do all of this to themselves and then throw fits when everyone thinks they are stupid, ridiculous, goofy, and absurd.

They truly are the epitome of fools.

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