Honey Trap from an Old Failed Honey Trap…Pathetic Losers Kerry and Terry IdIoTTwins

These fools have my husband mail to me pictures of when I had contact with them from the late 90s. That was over 20 years ago now. They had all these physical weapons, had been stalking me via their family from birth, and had control of every person who interacted with me at all. I still walked away and let them know I never wanted to have anything to do with them again. Now they send pictures of that time, like we were “friends”. Bullshit. I called it out as bullshit then and I call it out as bullshit now.

I threw all those picture in the trash. They were taken before phones had cameras so that is the only copy of them unless these thieves made copies. I certainly never made any copies of them. I figured out back then that it was all bullshit. I could not figure out why they were trying to con me so hard, but the simple facts were that they were trying to trap and con me for some reason. I escaped then and I will never go back.

I will never step foot in that trap of Alaska ever again. If the fools are where I am now and I figure it out…I will remove myself from the situation as much as possible. I hate their guts and I want them out of my life.

Stop trying to trap me and force me to do things I do not want to do. Get out of my life, Kerry and Terry. I want my husband back. Get out of our marriage! Get out of our life! Get out!

PS for people dealing with this kind of attack.  I recorded on my phone, “The is my life, not your life.  My body, not your body.  Stop abusing me.  Get out, Kerry and Terry last name.”. I have it playing on a loop for all who are listening.  It’s actually kind of empowering to hear my own voice say these things.  I can reverse brainwash myself.

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