Lawn Service turns out to be a good idea, birthday coming up, and Mother’s Day

The lawn service is a good idea so far. Yesterday was their first visit. In 30 minutes they did more than I could do in 2 days or working on the yard on and off about 4 to 6 hours. It is such a relief to think that it is set up for the summer, esp. the really hot months. Every time I mow I am sick for days from the gas fumes and the headaches that come from cutting grass. According to pollen count and stuff like that, it triggers migraines. I will cut down on groceries and cut out fun things to have money to have someone else mow this yard. It sounds like a luxury, but it’s really needed for my health. They were really nice about getting the leaf clippings out of the street. The city gave me a warning and said they would fine me $1000 last summer if I didn’t get the clippings out of the street. Now there’s this huge hole in the street in front of my house with safety lights. I can hardly back up out of my yard. But leaf clippings in the street are supposedly a huge danger. What a joke! That’s the kind of stupid junk those IdIoTTwins do and pretend is a joke. It’s not a joke. They stalk and harass me constantly.

I went and put a garden stone I painted on my sister’s grave yesterday. It’s about a week and a half until our birthday. Apparently birthdays are a big deal to these devil worshippers. The birthdate of the coven leader is the most sacred day to them in the year. And my experience has been that mine and my sister’s birthday, which is on the same day, but three years apart, is traditionally the most fun day of the year for us and now the most horrible day of the year for me. It’s not just missing her, but I am under attack every year around this time. And to top that our birthday falls around or on Mother’s Day each year. This year is tough because my sister would have been a grandmother for the first time this year.

I have been unable to wake up most of this week. It’s really chemical restraint, but I’m sure they call it “for my own good” behind the scenes. I could tell that everyday was becoming significantly harder to stay awake and be alert. What the IdIoTTwins would probably have done would be to make me too sick to get to my sister’s grave site on our birthday, but let me get healthier until I would be able to go on Mother’s Day. We have mom’s grave stone with my sister’s, so then they could act like I actually miss my horrible mom. I was not going to take a chance on them pulling that stunt on me. So I got out of here yesterday and went to my sister’s grave site. On the way back I almost had a wreck twice because of huge debri in the road I could barely miss. It’s a good thing I drive below the speed limit just to be safe. These jerks act like they are “joking” but if someone dies from something like that, then they would always say what a tragedy it was and what a shame, while gloating. Someone who is willing to tell them “no” and to tell the truth about them is a very dangerous person to them.

On the way down I needed to stop at the pharmacy. Oh my god! It was ridiculous. I had to wait and wait while all these stupid old 80s songs played. They were stimulating my vagina painfully. It was embarrassing having to sit there in front of people and know they have been watching me and my husband for our entire sex life. It makes me sick and makes me not feel like ever having sex again. Then I had to listen to the Useful IdIoTs acting out the IdIoTTwins. Flirting and joking in way too loud ways from male idiots. It never ceases to amaze me how that I can be so thoroughly upset, angry, and repulsed while these fools just swagger around pretending I am into whatever stupidity they are dishing. Every man only gets mercy sex. They never have a clue. But these IdIoTTwins want me to feel embarrassed, shamed, and submissive, while they form a narrative around my life where supposedly I worship them. It’s repulsive and sickening. And I am SO sick of this middle school mentality of “she laughed at my joke, so she likes me”. Like I have nothing else to worry about in life than which boy makes me laugh. And they are not boys anymore. And I am not a girl. I’m an adult woman who has been through hell many times over and I have much deeper cares and needs than just some immature male making me laugh.

Then the barrage of the obnoxious old women started. I tell off the mother of the twins. And recently my old boss jumped back in. He’s never left his mother’s womb. I told them off behind the scenes again. Some obnoxious old whores who raised their boys to be predatory among women are not getting any respect from me. I am not backing down to them. No doubt they were behind how my own mom abused me as well. Well, they liked to have my mom say that a girl loves her mom no matter what. They were wrong. They used to think that a dad shouldn’t have much to do with raising girls. Well, my dad, not just any dad, but my dad gave me courage. A lot of men shouldn’t have anything to do with raising girls, but men who respect women should.

And over all I was raised close to my dad to get socialized to men so they couldn’t get this fake flirty nonsense over on me. They also can’t shock me by being too coarse. I learned from a earliest childhood to see through people’s show and look at their intents and their hearts. Too bad for these IdIoTTwins, my old boss that brown nosed them, and all their moms’, I can see that their show is fake and their intentions are wicked.

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