I have been unable to wake up fully for over 48 hours…

Since these fools have power over my body with their stupid gadgetry, I have had to suffer crazy extreme, unexplainable problems for my entire life.

Most recently:

Have not been able to wake up fully for more than 2 days. I keep falling asleep like I have narcolepsy, especially when I start yelling for them to quit manipulating my life and get out.

When I get sick of them making my hands shake and drop things, sick of them messing up my eye site, want them to quit making me hear and see things, or any host of other things they do; they abuse me where it feels my arms are being held and squeezed until the pain is so bad I cannot breathe. They make it feel like they are hitting me in the shins to the point I have tears. And they make it feel like I am being punched in the diaphragm so that I cannot breathe. And they make my mouth go completely dry so that I can’t speak at all. I can mouth words, but barely. Even mouthing words is hard because my skin is stuck to my teeth inside my mouth. My tongue sticks to my mouth in odd ways. I am gasping for air, gulping for water, and shedding tears from pain within seconds of starting to scream out loud against these monsters. I am putting it in writing AGAIN that I want Kerry and Terry IdIoTTwins out of my life! Get out!

There are people out there in charge of them and all of this. Do something, damn it! I want them out of my life! I know you think you are too good to be yelled at by someone like me, but I am fighting for my life. Not fighting to barely keep breathing and lie in bed almost comatose for days on end in pain and misery I cannot express. I am fighting to have a life with good quality. I am fighting to be relatively healthy, well rested, hydrated, without pain and suffering of an acute and chronic nature. I am fighting for a life free from stalkers and sadistic monsters no matter how much money and top secret clearances they have.


The president wants to run immigrants out of the country. Well, what about these foreign fools who are in our country doing top secret experiments on AMERICAN citizens on AMERICAN soil? What the hell is he going to do about that? I want these IdIoTTwins and their kind out of our country. I want foreigners doing scientific and political experiments on me and my fellow citizens stopped. I want them kicked out of the US with no chance of ever coming back again on any pretext and in any way; including through digital, electronic, and any other medium. Get completely out of my life! And I want their American team who is working directly for them to have to cease and desist all experiments on me. Get out of my life!

Supposedly I have a choice to get out of the program, but I know that is a lie. They have been experimenting on me from conception through my whole life. It’s obviously a cradle to grave type experiment. I want out of this stupid program. But if I can’t get out then I accept another handler, who they know I accept. I won’t write his name or initials here. But I am a realist. I know I can’t really get out of this program. But I do not have to have IdIoTTwin handlers from Britain. I don’t have to have the Kerry/Terry imbeciles as my handlers, testers, and any other way they are referenced. I want them gone and I will never give in about it.

Get out, Kerry and Terry! Get completely out of my life! Both of you! Forever gone!

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