IdIoTTwin Isolation on top of Isolation tactics already in place

Apparently I am being isolated even further than I usually am. My poor husband has all kinds of medical issues now and is too week to be on Google video chat with me. I’ve noticed actual questions in my mind about what kind of men I am attracted to. I know what men I am attracted to. Why would I be asking myself in real question form and then a huge pause for an answer? These people really stink at their sneaky jobs. The only advantage they have over people is the fact that people don’t know about the technology they are using.

I had to take my cat to the vet today. There were absurdly stereotypical men on parade. It makes me want to scream in frustration. How many damn times do I have to pick my own husband? How many times? I am so sick of these IdIoTTwins. And I have never gone for their type. I don’t like furry white guys. Sorry. I have a right to what I like. It’s not racist. It’s the truth. I like my husband because he is not hairy. I like that he is not tall. I was lectured and lectured by Terry, the head idiot, that what I say and do is not “what most women want”. I am not spending each day of my life comparing myself to what most people want. I am not trying to fit in like a stupid spy does. I am being myself. I prefer my husband. That’s why I have been with him for 30 plus years.

I like a man I feel like I am safe with and who I think puts my needs first. That is completely normal. The IdIoTTwins can never fully win my trust, even when they have cheated the worst to pretend to do the things needed to win it. It’s always fake and forced. I always end up realizing that it is fake nonsense. They get upset when I am like most women in that regard.

And the most irritating this is…Who cares what the IdIoTTwins think in the first place? They are of no importance in my life at all. If anything I can’t stand them. I want them out of my life. I sure don’t care if I am with a guy they approve of. What idiots! They have me so isolated that all I have left in my life is my husband. If anything they are the ones responsible for forcing me and my husband to be such close friends because we have been isolated and under attack for our entire dating and marriage. Those twins really are morons.

Get out of my life, Kerry and Terry IdIoTTwin icestuous sickening brothers. You are repulsive. Stop trying to break my marriage, the only thing I have left. These IdIoTTwins spend all their time destroying my entire life. I can’t even defend myself from their constant abuse. I want both of them out of my life completely and forever.

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