Narcolepsy Selected For Me at Predictable Times

If I start doing anything the IdIoTTwins don’t want me to do, I start falling asleep. I mean eyes rolling back in my head; on the verge of passing out; waking up at random times trying to figure out what is going on sudden sleep episodes. Right now is an example. They don’t want me writing so every time I start writing then I start falling asleep over and over again.

I fall asleep trying to read only certain things. I can read British literature all day, which no one can do, not even Brits. But I can’t read an American book, magazine, short story or anything without almost passing out immediately. I’m trying to read, “Technocracy: The Hard Road to World Order”, I keep nodding off and waking up some time later.

For some reason when I play ESO they have me nodding off constantly. Probably because my nieces have been playing the game with me and my husband.

Also when I try to do crafts and hobbies.

When I try to clean or cook then my lower back feels like someone hit me with a baseball bat. My abdomen feels like I have been punched and I can’t catch my breath. My legs hurt and buckle. My hands act on their own and go weak. I drop stuff. I can barely walk around my yard and house. I can walk ok in some stores. It seems to be selective which stores I get faint in.

It’s a grab bag full symptoms that could be anything from the flu to diabetes. But I have been tested for everything. I don’t have the flu, nor diabetes, nor an entire array of health issues that supposedly all fat, middle aged women have. I don’t have any of those.

I slept 16 hours yesterday. My husband has the flu, almost pneumonia, and has been sleeping all weekend. We are both selectively devastated for every Christian holiday, but magically well for every Halloween and minor holidays.

I get to the point that I don’t even try. I just sit in one place where I can get to be awake and not have my body/mind/heart attacked every second day and night. It is extremely hard to even get up and move around the house and yard, much less actually leave the house.

As I write this I keep nodding off and alternately feel like my stomach is being punched.

These IdIoTTwins abuse me constantly. Everything they do to me is abuse. They pretend we get along and I want them in my life. I do not want the IdIoTTwins Kerry and Terry in my life. I need protection from them. It’s not enough to just slap them on the wrist. They need to do something to protect me.

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