More Threats from Fools: I’m sure they explain it away as jokes

These fools have chopped down a main shrub out of my yard. A few days ago they had some city workers walking around with a big cross bar across their shoulders, like Jesus carrying the cross up the mountain. There were out there for hours posing and doing stupid stuff. Finally they left a huge hole right in front of my yard in the street that has a couple of safety lights on it and a pile of gravel thrown in it. They put all kinds of flags and that chalk paint all over my front yard. And this morning I found the carcass of a bird with two fanned white wings, probably a dove. Too small to be a regular chicken.

My husband and I have been calling our great niece a bird-girl sometimes because she makes noises like a bird sometimes. The IdIoTTwins act like we actually think she is a bird. Like if they kill a bird and throw the carcass in our backyard, over the fence, that we should get the idea that violence is being threatened against our family and especially against the most vulnerable members. They probably say that it is just a joke and pretend they are friends with me and my husband. They don’t know me and my husband like that. We hate them. We don’t think they are funny. We don’t agree with cruel, threatening, and degrading jokes. And try to put down the IdIoTTwins and pretending it is a joke. They will “punish” you until you and everything that matters to you is destroyed. It’s not a joke. It’s cruelty. And it’s insanity.

They are really devil worshippers. They think human and animal is basically the same. So if they kill an animal it really is a person and the opposite. So if they kill an animal and throw it on your property then it’s saying it would be just as easy to kill your family member. It’s a real threat. I made the sign of devil horns down, which around here could be taken to say, “Down with Texas Longhorns.” They send people around me all the time with the Texas shirts on and Texas plates on their cars. Big Deal. I can still do the Longhorns down sign all I want. There’s nothing they can do about it. It’s been done at games for decades. This year they tried to make it a big deal and have players taken out of the game for doing it. Why would that happen? Because it really stands for devil horns. If they are pointed down then it is disrespecting the devil and these devil worshippers go nuts. They are ridiculously superstitious. If you want to make them upset then just do the horns down sign. Probably part of why I had a dead bird in my yard.

The great niece is having real health problems though. The day she finally got sent home from the hospital the first time my husband and I went to visit. She almost died during our visit. She went to Muskogee hospital and finally got sent to Tulsa where she finally got real treatment. She was there for over a week. So, to me these fools are admitting they were behind the horrible care she got in Muskogee that almost cost her life. This place seems to be suffocating from devil worshippers. I don’t know if they are from here, but there are a lot of them here. I would think they were just hired for intimidation, but mean stuff like those nurses being so mean to me when I went to see my grandniece and the way they sent her home when she was clearly still in danger. The purposeful horrible treatment the baby was given. There are a lot of professional level people involved in all of this.

But what I have learned about fighting these idiots is that someone has to keep fighting to draw fire while others have to close in behind and stop them. I am always in the line of fire whether I try to be nice and get along or whether I am fighting for my life. I hope someone comes in behind them while I am fighting with them and forces them back underground. They have gotten way too bold when they can make players in a college game have to forgo decades of tradition because it also represents a devil worshipper’s sign. They are getting too bold. I am in the position where I have to fight. I have no choice. If I am not screaming at and fighting with these idiots then they are electronically raping me and beating me. They scramble my mind until I just can’t talk. I become comatose. They go around saying they don’t know what is wrong with me, but it’s them knocking out all my faculties. The only way I have a chance is to bring attention to myself so someone is checking on them to see what they are doing. The more I yell for help, the better off I am. If you aren’t under attack, I don’t suggest it.

I’m under enough attack that I actually have a hard time writing this little bit. I know it’s from the constant attacks on my sleep and waves of disorientation they send through my day each day. It’s exhausting on top of being exhausted. I cannot describe it as anything more than feeling like I have never had a second’s rest in my entire life.

Good luck everyone.

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