Manipulation, Ulterior Motives, and Hidden Agenda Everywhere

These people who want to rule the world and are willing to use a program that manipulates children from conception work the same way at all levels. There is manipulation to every single person on the planet that they can reach. It does not matter how high the person’s status nor how low. It is all about enslaving everyone to their hidden agenda. I have to always watch for the ulterior motives. I may just be a lab rat to these people, but they want to make sure they completely control me, nevertheless. Their control freak issues know no bounds. Absolute robotization of the entire culture would still not be enough for these people if they couldn’t control every single thing about their human robots.

Just from my own experience I know that you cannot go to sleep when you want to. You can’t dream in any way that is meaningful and healing to you. They even have to control your dreams. They force me to have to go to the restroom when they want me to go. They have to be in my face and in my business every second of every day both waking and sleeping. It never ends. There’s never any down time. There’s no rest for the enslaved no matter how much that would increase productivity. It also gives you enough power to think thoughts of your own and reject the hazy confusing brain fog they try to keep all of us in.

Just to get a basic idea of the lengths these people will go to in order to control everyone I think the video I saw at TruthStream Media is the best explanation I have seen that is cohesive. Others have some information here and there, but it becomes extremely confusing, especially if you are part of the modern program. They don’t want us to even be aware it exists. But if you are in it, after you hear what these people have to say about secret experimentation on people, it all makes sense.

Some people act like it’s just crazy conspiracy theory. But seriously, don’t we all suspect the doctors are sort of getting a little sadistic pleasure out of having some control over people. I have seen a few who I think have real human compassion for their patients, but they are rare. The rest seem to live in some bubble where their patients are lesser humans, sort of like lab animals, to be experimented on. Let’s try this. Let’s try that. What if we do this? Have you ever tried that? And the crazy control games, like having you go into a blank room and take your clothes off, put on a tissue paper basically, and then wait in that powerless condition until the doctor decides to make an appearance, like he’s doing you a favor. Then they take all your money. And that’s a “normal” doctor. Imagine if their are “genius” doctors given money, resources, and a get-out-of-jail-free-card to do anything they want to with any patient they can get their hands on. How do you think that would go? Is your conclusion something like a conspiracy theory? Yeah. That’s what I thought.

The documentary I watched was on YouTube. It is titled “Mind’s of Men” by Aaron and Melissa Dykes at TruthStream Media. It’s long, but it’s powerful. I know I am part of the program and I have known all along that all the stuff they do to me has to mainly be done through the brain. When the documentary got to what they were doing with brain experimentation decades ago, it perfectly fit the experiences I have had. Now, though, they don’t need to put wires in your head. They can manipulate the electric field of the brain and entire body to experiment with.

I have had all the symptoms of schizophrenia, but I have been tested many times and I am not schizophrenic. In fact the only mental health disease I am afflicted with is PTSD, almost every bit of which was from some cruelty through “the program” that I had to endure. Instead of having doctors torturing people, now they just have parents do it through neglect and abuse. Then you get old enough to try to live your life, but it’s already been decided that you will never be able to accomplish anything and they sit there behind their cameras and ever monitoring brain signals documenting everything I do, everything my brain does. And my life is just wasted because some grandiose fools are trying to enslave mankind. I’m not even a lab rat for a good cause. It is very depressing.

I would rather know, though. I mean, I already know. It is good to know I am not insane, just stressed beyond what I ever could have imagined.

Here’s a link to the video I mentioned. “The Minds of Men”

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