I’m reading the book, “Technocracy: The Hard Road to World Order” by Patrick M. Wood. At first reading about this conference and that group of people in decades past promoted by people who are dead now, the points of the book seemed far away. As I let it sink in, I realized I just spent all day in on a favorite video game harvesting resources so I can make things and sell to other players. Even the games have this idea of sustainable development. These ideas wrapped in new words are being pushed heavily on us. It seems like a good thing even, but I should know as an adult playing a game that makes millions of dollars for Microsoft that this is not just a cute “save the planet” component to the overall game. This is a point that we all need the resources on the earth and someone needs to monitor them constantly and manage them, thus managing the population.

As Prof. Woods explains various points to this ideal of technocracy, all I can see is feudal times when the king owned everything, and the peasants on his land were basically slaves. The people were hung for killing a deer in the forest to feed their family because it was the king’s land. I think that when a group of scientists, engineers, and technicians start “managing” all the resources in the world that we will be dealing with an absurd class system like the world has never even been able to imagine. It will make the feudal times royalty to peasant contrast look like a small land owner farmer dealing with a few farm laborers. Complete control over data and resources and how they are allotted to people…and by people who wrote in one of their statements that they are naturally more intelligent than everyone else so it only makes sense that they should control everyone else…. My mind goes blank. It’s too awful to think of.

I think if they had tried all that on my parents generation, and maybe even my own, they would have made some shocking headway. With a generation that understands data and technology better than almost anything else, would the technocracy work? Are the citizens they want to spring it on as they get it more fully developed going to be tech savvy enough to not fall for it, or are they going to believe their phones when they get a message that tells them how much water they can use, how much electricity they can use, told they cannot drive because of gas consumption, and even told what kinds of plants and animals they can have. Are they being programmed by their phones and video games to just follow when the machines take over and the technocrats are behind the scenes running them?

I really don’t know, but I hope they at least know that owning land, even the tiniest amount is extremely important. And no one gets to hog all the resources and tell them they have to flush their toilets less to conserve water. Disgusting. The people who want class system where they are like the king seem to always want to humiliate other people around them in some way. They may not act like it, but you know when they are just making you do something because they can, like not letting you flush the toilet enough. Another sort of sign to watch for.

Wish I had something profound, or witty to say. The only thing I can think of is this wall decal I put in my kitchen. It says, “I will be happier than a bird with a French fry today.” And it has a bird with a French fry in his mouth. I know that the American people get put down for enjoying our fattening food, our violent sports, and our lack of general gravitas, but is there anything better than being happier than a bird with a French fry? I suppose there is, but nothing beats the pursuit of happiness no matter how mundane and lacking in gravitas it may be. Personally, I think as long as we are like kids enjoying our lives, not irresponsible, but retaining the curiosity of life; I think we won’t let ourselves be enslaved. It will seem foreign to our daily life and we will not accept it. At least that’s what I hope. I hope America’s future generations will be happier than a bird with a french fry.

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