Technocracy, Trilateral Commission, Sustainability, Self-Fulfillment; Buzzwords from The Powers That Be…

I’ve shared before that when I was 11 years old my dad had me listen to audio tapes about the Trilateral Commission (Counsel). I thought my dad was odd. In truth he was odd and full of extreme opposites. He was very loving as a father and a person in general. He also had a horrible drinking problem and could be very cruel verbally, but often just negligent. If he was in a stupor and our mentally ill mother was on a rampage, or checked out of reality, my sister and I were left to fend for ourselves. When my dad was drunk he often ranted about weird conspiracy theories he had.

It is amazing and sad that I finally find people talking about the same things my dad talked about all his life. He died in 2016, just as I was beginning to realize that a lot of what he said, even when he was drunk, was true.

This interview done by James Corbett with Patrick Woods about the book, “Technocracy: The Hard Road to World Order” is an excellent presentation of truths we all see every day, but we just can’t quite get past the buzzwords and the odd constant references to creepy powers-that-be manipulating everything, to get to a real understanding of what is happening.

Listen to this interview and others done with Patrick Wood. Let it sink in before you dismiss it out of hand. Here is what I see when I listen to this information:

Sustainability – Flower Children – Pagan/Primal cultural ancestors of all of us – focus on your ancestry – indigenous people’s focus on sustainability – renewable energy – robots everywhere to do everything for us – financial power finally gets to control government globally.

That’s how it is going together in my mind. Translation: We are being pushed to find out our ancestry because at one point or other all people’s on the earth put the earth first, understanding it is physically what we need to survive. This fits in with this idea of focusing on the energy of the earth that the creepy powers-that-be want to use for everything. Oh, and I forgot the “Matrix”. We are also energy – human power literally meaning the power generated by human beings. That fits in with an energy focused world system.

Flower children, accept everyone and every culture, “can’t we all just get along”. This is a kind of philosophy needed if they are going to herd us like cattle and user us as energy fodder to run whatever systems they put in place.

But what about the robots? They are people, too, right? If all that matters is that we are energy and robots produce a kind of energy, then I guess they are technically people too. That seems to be the attitude of these energy focused people.

If you have a type A, aggressive personality in flower child world, then you will have to be censured from society by getting some of your energy taken away. Only passive acceptance will be acceptable to these energy vampires.

Oh, yeah! And vampires, too. I almost forgot. The vampires will rule the zombies, the passive energy producers they can feed off of. I think that pretty much covers it for now. But I can now see where there are a lot of connections between extreme and weird things being pushed onto the mind of people. It’s brain washing. You can’t do anything without tripping over a vampire or a zombie. Sci-Fi and these “super heroes” with insane access to some kind of special, exaggerated POWER. If you stop and look, there’s energy, energy, energy talk everywhere. And look, the new global economy will be all about the energy.

I always thought it would be horrible to live in a time when everything in the world shifted, like from all the world not having a written language, to most of the world having a written language; or from Dark Ages to Enlightenment when suddenly everyone seemed to be able to not only read, but also write. Books started being mass produced. Or the horrible back and forth of religious fervor like the struggle between Catholicism and Protestant.

But here we are. This is the end of the Industrial Age which took off like a shot with mass production of cars and then everything else on the planet. Now all the energy used to make that stuff, store it, use it, dispose of it, is all being scrutinized.

Also when sticking a lot of people in a small space, causing over crowding, people go crazy. They have to have severe punishment for not getting along with your fellow human. Like you don’t get to buy food this week, or something like that. They are insane if they think they can control people in an over crowding situation. It’s like sleep deprivation, which by the way is a result of over crowding. You cannot control someone who is severely sleep deprived. They keep working on it, but it’s not working. I think that’s some of the crazy shootings we see. The powers-that-be are taking up all the resources they can and they are crowding people in cities. Then sleep deprivation occurs and people really go crazy. They can become violently crazy and no amount of starving them will make them “behave”.

Unfortunately every big change in history is paid for in innocent blood. Back to the vampire thing. The creepy powers-that-be think “progress”, defined as them getting more power and richer, is worth it. I don’t think they are worth it…so…constant harassment for me for now. In the future they will say I am not civil enough to live in a society and punish me severely for it. Disagreement with someone is becoming equal to murdering someone. We need to keep perspective, common sense, real understanding of community, and alert to who is taking OUR resources and OUR energy.

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