IdIoTTwins say IdIoTic Things…to nobodies’ surprise

There’s nothing as annoying and at the same time pathetically predictable and boring as a bunch of idiots on parade. These middle aged men go around driving Harleys, wearing their hair like girls, showing off their asses to each other, and flexing their shakey old muscles in front of everyone…and we are supposed to think they are manly instead of gay. I don’t have anything against gay. If that’s your thing, then do it. But I do have a thing about gay and even incestuous men trying to pretend they are men…and on top of all of that, trying to pretend they are in any way men who have a right to judge and force me to do what they want.

These fools think I am some teen/twenties girl who is still getting her female identity. They think they can hurt me by “men” being disrespectful of me and judging me cruelly. I’m middle aged and I have my full female identity. I also know what a thorough joke men in general are. So you can all go around showing off for each other in the gayest ways, but if you think you are influencing me in any way, you are even more insane than I thought possible. You are just making me laugh at you even more and have zero respect for all of you.

These IdIoTTwins have the abusers’ mentality that when I say “no”, it means I need to be punished. They even pretend that when women stand up to them that the women want to be “put in their place”. To them we are something they own. They have no mature sense of relationships and certainly no adult understanding of sexual relationships. This is what the head idiot, Terry “hairdo” had to say to me not 15 minutes ago, “If you would get some sleep you wouldn’t be so cranky with me.” This is his usual “drive by dig” where he cowardly has my husband say this stuff to me as he walks by into another room before I can respond. He has his hair all spread out like a freaky Halloween wig and stares at me intensely, like that makes me feel anything other than a deep desire to punch him right between the eyes. Thank God that I now know it is terry idiot and not really my husband. I just let it go and am now writing about it.

I spend all day every day telling these slime-balls to get out of my life and that is the response…I supposedly just need more sleep. They used to blame it on PMS and periods. It’s always some “female weakness” that they have to overcome in their ignorant opinions. Terry is an idiot who has never had a real relationship with anyone. He is crazy and should be locked away, but since he is rich we have to put up with his stupidity. You can’t reason with the fool. He’s just not there. The lights are on but no one is home. That idiot has to be treated mean, like a rabid dog trying to kill your children type of mean. And even after all of that, this is his reaction. He is batshit crazy, but the whole problem according to him is that I don’t get enough sleep.

AND on top of that he is the bastard who keeps attacking me in my sleep and will never let me get sleep. Their only hope is that they can get me so sleep deprived that I completely snap some day. As long as I can avoid the horrible situations, that won’t happen. It just won’t. I try so hard to avoid interaction with people when I feel stressed out. I know traps are being laid for me constantly. Seriously. There is no down time. Not even my sleep. It is one trap after another.

That crazy bastard is really trying to kill me. If you doubt it for a minute you are completely wrong. He only lives to kill, steal, and devour. He wants me dead. He has wanted it since he had to know about me and interact with me through this cowardly program of spies and I never liked any of the things he had represented. That’s why he calls me crazy, mean, weird, socially awkward, mentally ill, and so on. It’s all because I don’t like him. I never have. I never will.

Well, here’s a spiritual revelation for him and his idiot brother. They are getting out of my life. I don’t know how, but they are getting out. I hate Terry and I always will. If I could I would “Bobit” him and his brother and shove their balls, dicks, hair, and toes down their own throats and the throats of the other one. I would be like bloody, funky snot sliding down the back of their throats. Now they make me extra phlegmy and had my nose bleeding, but it doesn’t stop that image in my mind. I would not just kill those two idiots. I would make them feel what they have done to me through other people. They would have to have consequences for what they have done to me, my sister, and the rest of my family. As it is, I know there will never be real justice, but those asshole slime buckets are getting out of my life.

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