I’ve been talked to by two people, 2 is sign of twins to the twins – to the rest of us it is just the number 2…. Anyways, two people have talked to me about the son of my sister’s widower and his new wife as my nephew. No! I’m not related to that kid. It’s not his fault, but what the fuck?! Seriously! It never even crossed my mind that I would ever treat that kid as my nephew.

His dad, my sister’s widower, has never been hospitable or even civil with me. He had my sister die as fast as possible without pain maintenance. And the ho-dog, fake Christian, second wife of his was already waiting in the wings for my sister to get off of stage. Then they had that kid together. That kid will be an unstable, socially stunted freak. I can promise you that. AND my sister’s widower will give him all the money when he dies. Those girls, my sister’s kids, won’t get anything. The oldest girl might have money set aside for her from her creepy grandmother on her dad’s side.

That grandmother would take the oldest girl even when my sister told her not to. My sister’s husband of the time would just let her do anything with my sister’s oldest girl. Her grandmother took her for weekends at a time and wouldn’t take the other two girls. She wanted to get the oldest a horse, but wouldn’t get one for the other two, so my sister told her that the oldest couldn’t have the horse. Now the oldest girl is a total lying mess alcoholic AND she still spends an odd amount of time with that creepy grandmother of hers.

Till death do you part – well, my sister died, so I am done with her idiot husband. I never wanted her to even date that loser. He stood her up. He never paid for anything. He always took his mother’s side against my sister. He didn’t do anything in raising the kids. When she could no longer function as a mom, he was ready for her to go on and die. If he had taken her to a hospital it would have prolonged how long she lived. He said after she died that she didn’t want to go to a hospital. She was out of her mind…literally. She was muttering, screaming, crying, laughing, ranting, chanting verses…. I was there. She was not in her right mind. She needed to be in a hospital. My idiot brother-in-law (he was my brother-in-law while she lived) would hold her up in a 5 gallon bucket so she could pee and it went down her legs. She was a mess. It was so sad and sickening. My husband and I rushed out and got the diaper pads for furniture to put under her. It was just stupid to have a pee bucket anyway. She could no longer stand or walk, then you have to change diapers. But that idiot brother-in-law couldn’t even figure that out.

He goes around all the time trying to act like he is smarter than everyone and especially me and my husband. This is the special needs mentality we are dealing with. The guy should be in a mental home, drugged to the point of drooling on himself and not able to talk. He’s not just a moron. He’s a dangerous moron. And there is NO way I am ever accepting his kid as my nephew. They only reason I have even the slightest dealings with my ex-brother-in-law is because of the girls. And they are like a propaganda machine for him. It’s like they are all programmed to go on and on and on about how hard life is for him and how smart he is and how great he is at everything….. It is sickening. I mean it. If anyone even remotely normal had to be around him for 5 minutes, they would get this weird feeling in their stomach. He is creepy and a freak.

The kids are adults now. They can either accept that there are major differences between me and their dad and we will not be in contact, or they are in for a big disappointment. It’s interesting that I have an official diagnosis of struggling with how my sister’s end of life was handled and I am struggling. It’s documented. But the idiot ex-brother-in-law doesn’t technically have anything wrong with him and we are all supposed to bend over backwards to accommodate his whiney demands even if it costs me in some way.

And there’s always this goofy set-up where people are angry with me and there’s all this gossip, but I never even suspected. It was the furthest thing from my mind. I would never have thought of that kid of there’s as related to me in any way. How damn hard is that to explain. “We are not related.” The kid is 10. He should be able to understand that, but everyone is acting like that’s so hard to say. I cannot see how it is hard at all. I seriously don’t get it. I don’t even know why this is a topic.

My idiot ex-brother-in-law never made sure I had regular contact with the kids that were my sister’s kids. Why would he expect me to spend time with some kid not even related to me?

If it’s stupid, then it is the IdIoTTwins. They just have to keep gossip going around me to make me look horrible at all times. I don’t really care. I am not treating the kid of my worst enemies as my nephew. That reminds me of this kick they are on to tell me what a Christian is. That’s between me and Jesus and no one else. They keep putting up signs having my husband put on shows that talk of forgiveness and love you enemy. Well, I don’t forgive you IdIoTTwins. I hate everything about you both. Go tell everyone how horrible I am. I don’t care. I told you to get out of my life and I meant it. So I push the publish button…and now another legal witness of how you lie, manipulate, destroy lives. Get out of my life, IdIoTTwins!

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