IdIoTTwins never shut up!

The most ignorant fools on the planet never shut up. They communicate all the time. I do not care what they think of me, other people, religion, politics, philosophy, communication itself, family, children, babies, animals, colors of skin, colors of anything, humor, story, correct English, how to waste money, stupid things to do to see if you are dumb enough to barely escape death, their thoughts on death, IGNORANT opinions about religion and spiritual world, working class people, dirt bag sellouts they use to do mean things to people at every level in society, opinions on consumerism… I mean I could actually sit here all night writing all the things about the IdIoTTwins that I do not care about and it just wouldn’t touch the surface of how much I do not care about the IdIoTTwins. I would never take the yammering of these two total morons seriously at all. The only thing that gets you is that they NEVER SHUT UP! That’s how they really drive you insane.

Just a handful of the non-stop stupid I had to endure today. They had my husband change the clocks in the back of the house to say an hour before the real time. That way I am sure they were trying to force me to miss this important appointment tomorrow. Then they had a Cheeto stuck on my husbands butt. He made a big deal about getting it off his butt. All I can interpret from that is the butt-brother-idiot-twins eat Cheetos out of each other’s asses. I know they are disgusting pervert freaks. I don’t need the details.

Then they have women everywhere I go sitting with their legs wide open and slightly yoga-crossed sometimes. All I can figure out is that they are making fun of me sitting around at home in a basic yoga pose. I cross my legs. I always have since I was a kid. They have forced me to over 250 pounds. They keep wanting to make fun of me not being able to move around, but it keeps backfiring. So what if I sit at home yoga style. It’s amazing I can do it. It’s not my problem that they have cameras on me all the time. They shouldn’t be in the privacy of my house. I have thrown them out on a regular basis for the entire time this stupid “reveal” has been happening.

It was hilarious at ATT yesterday to see this incredibly obese woman trying to sit on a bench with her legs crossed yoga style. I usually wouldn’t laugh about something like that, but she was there to publicly make fun of me. I really thought she looked stupid and hilarious. I really can cross my legs. I don’t know what the crap she was doing, but her face was turning red and she was scowling trying to concentrate. She was straining to cross her legs, but she wasn’t even close. I mean her feet were at least a foot away from each other. They keep trying to get these all white people to do physical things like mixed blood people and it is some of the best comedy on the earth. If they weren’t such white racist assholes I wouldn’t laugh, but all of them involved are.

That woman looked like she was about to have a huge bowel movement while she was pretending to look at her phone, like anything interesting was on it. She was fake talking to a woman beside her. The other woman started making faces like, “Are you ok?” To her. Then finally the really fat woman just quit pretending to talk and glared at her phone. She never even got close to crossing her legs. I don’t know what the crap you could call what she was doing. I guess it could be called, “What the crap?” Because it looked like she was crapping more than it looked like she was crossing her legs. I am still laughing. I am sitting here this whole time I am writing with my legs crossed Indian style. And, yes, I am laughing.

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