IdIoTTwins Force Me to be alone after interrogation

Had to do the review for Social Security today. The psychiatrist asks you all about what is making you so upset and messed up that you can’t function right. Everything is a mess in your heart and mind. Then they release you back into your life. Now my husband has to go to Tulsa like it’s an emergency and leaves me alone. It’s not good to be alone after going through the horrible reviews. It is one of your most vulnerable times afterwards. No doubt they hope I will kill myself, harm myself, or at least completely freak out. I am too tired after fighting the idiots constantly day and night for days on end. I agreed to my husband going because it’s not really my husband. It’s the IdIoTFreakTwins. They would keep annoying me beyond what I could endure and pretending that they didn’t know after decades of our marriage what irritates me. It’s such disrespect right in your face and in your private space.

My “husband” made a big deal about stopping for 20 dollars of quarters on the way home. The letter “t” for Terry and quarters for “y”, young. “T” could stand for my name, but since they don’t think I exist except in how they can use me to get noticed, then “t” can only stand for the self obsessed creep, Terry.

Then when my husband and my youngest niece were leaving she said for the other IdIoTTwin brother, “We’d invite you, but you can’t handle hospitals,” like it was a joke. No doubt they are proud of themselves for ruining my life so I can barely go anywhere or do anything. They have been working hard to ruin my life. I hope my family gets a clue. It’s not just me. It’s our entire family they want to ruin.

So, I’m alone and depressed and completely exhausted. I just hope my husband, our ghost friends, and others are still helping. I am getting very weak and tired.

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