My Great Niece is Still in the Hospital and I want the INCOMPETENT, NEGLIGENT IDIOTTWINS OUT OF OUR LIVES!!!!!!!!!!

I call for these IdIoTTiwns to be investigated. I call for them to never be in charge of anything. They aren’t fit to be in charge of toilet paper and compost. They are complete morons. Every situation the fools pop up and pretend all the racist, cruel and out right murderous Grand Master Wizard crap is all just a cute joke and a Harry Potter like joke. It is NOT! These are the KKK people. The real ones. And they are in charge of my family and my husband’s. Both of which have Native blood. Also we are from poor families if you go back a couple of generations. I mean Dust Bowl, people really starving to death, poor. I think that’s when all this stuff happened. We got put into some kind of program where we are test subjects in order to have food, jobs, and lives. Otherwise they IdIoTTwins just think we are fun to torture to death. They literally tortured my sister to death while she was already dying of cancer. Then they harassed my poor old dad to the grave. I was tortured and abused until I was completely unresponsive and lost my job. It was like I completely lost my mind. They had to do that to make me look crazy so no one would listen to me.

And what has happened to this little baby is not a coincidence. They don’t want me near her because I will say what they are really doing in my family. These sick bastards consider sacrificing the first child born into a family some kind of powerful energy magic where they absorb the energy of a baby dying. They think they get power from all the sad and angry energy of the people upset by it. They run around smirking and saying snide stuff, like they are powerful for being sneaky cowards taking the life of a defenseless, innocent baby. They are not joking. They say this stuff right in your faces, like a joke. When someone like me calls them out, they say I am crazy and have no sense of humor. I have a great sense of humor, and I know they are NOT joking. They mean the horrible stuff they say and do.

They can’t do it alone. There is an evil network in the world. They all think they get some special energy and credit with Lucifer or whatever dark god they worship. It sounds stupid, and it is! It is completely stupid, moronic, and pathetic. When I call the IdIoTTwins retarded, I do not mean their intellect. I mean they are spiritually and emotionally backwards in their growth, like flame retardant. They are emotional and spiritual retardant. They cannot get the fact that what they are doing is absolutely stupid. They don’t even feel their own cruelty. They can’t feel anything anymore. That’s why they need someone to be “dramatic” and “emotional” and “crazy”. They feed off of other people’s emotions because they are dead inside. They can no longer really feel anything about their own, actual lives.

Those horrible nurses in Muskogee that made fun of me and were sitting around on their lazy asses acting like they were too good to carry a flower vase to a person in delivery are exactly the people that these IdIoTTwins use. They are the kind of fools who are racist. They don’t want mixed marriages. We are way past that. We are talking about Native blood mixed through both families already. These racist panic and think they have to do every sneaky thing they can to push back the flood of mixed blood. They think there is magic in pure blood. They think the mixed blood is making their power source polluted. Seriously? How do you even talk to people this stupid? You can’t. You can just watch out for what they are doing and ride their asses all the time. No matter how much fun and juvenile nonsense they do to pretend they are just playing, you have to stay serious and question everything.

If you are really worried, then make sure they see you writing down everything. If you are at a hospital, get the name and spelling of every person you talk to. Make sure they see you writing it in a notebook or something like it. And if it really gets bad, then tell them you just want to take a picture for your own record, and record them with your phone. I promise you that they will all hate you, but your family’s care will go from negligent to probably more “care” than you want. If they try the whole flooding you with more than you wanted, write all that down, too. They will stop it. You have to put on your critical thinking and analytical self. You may not be popular, but you will be a whole lot safer. And really, you will help other people without even realizing it.

I know the politically correct nonsense is for all of us to get along and be best friends, but that is never going to happen. That’s just nonsense someone some where keeps spewing everywhere to get people to be “nice” and not do any real questioning. Question. Question. Question. And get answers.

They keep trying to treat me like I don’t exist. This week they have people actually being nice to me and giving me good service. I actually feel like crying some times because I am used to bad treatment. It doesn’t mean I will change. They can be nice or mean, I am the same. I question their motivation and what they do. If they get upset because I question them, and they will because it always happens, it won’t matter. I will always question these backwards, cruel fools.

I know I seem crazy, but I am not. I am a person who has seen a lot of crazy things with my own eyes. I am an eye witness. I will not quit telling the truth either. Terry and Kerry Young are BOTH real Grand Master Wizards. They are BOTH part of torturing and killing people. They are also negligent, lazy, and incompetent. BOTH OF THEM ARE LIARS AND IN ON ALL THIS STUFF TOGETHER. DONT LET THEM USE THE TWIN SWITCH NONSENSE TO GET OUT OF ALL THE HORRIBLE THINGS THEY HAVE DONE AND LET HAPPEN ON THEIR WATCH.

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