IdIoTTwins are Working on Screwing Up My Psyche Eval with the State/Social Security Tomorrow

My “husband” is down here to be “supportive” of me and make sure I make it to the psyche eval to see if I can work tomorrow. I can’t but the IdIoTTwin assholes who did all this shit to me and completely destroyed me with all their inside knowledge of what buttons to push on me are here to push me over the edge. Since I can’t work, then they want to prove me a psycho who is a danger to me and others. They want lock down on me and to overdose me. They want me back to how they had me like I was in a coma and unable to respond. So it’s not my “husband” I am dealing with today, but these useless IdIoTTwins.

First off we are back to the feet flailing, barefoot, and making a big deal about the stupid naked toes. They just keep acting like they raped me with their feet. They do this psyche stuff to you over and over and over while applying the pressures to parts of the body they want stimulated and while making your emotions go crazy. Like with this, they know I hate it, so since they can’t get me to be a gross pervert and get off on it, they ramp up my reactions to everything. I am shaking all over with total adreneline rush. I will be so tired by tomorrow it will be a miracle if I can respond to anything. Then the professional puppet they have placed to find what they want, he or she will find exactly what the IdIoTTwins want found. If I “fail” complying in such a way that they get what they want, they will make sure and not find anything. Then I will have to keep going through more and more bullshit until they can skew it the way they want. Then I will either be locked down for safety reasons or they will deny everything. Then we will have to get a lawyer and fight.

Anyway we go…I am not being fucked over in my own home by Fairy Kerry and Fairy Terry. They think they know me from stupid scientific info they have access to. But my files are gone. Daddy told me they were. And all the old people are gone from when I was a kid. Also something Dad told me. I thought “revelations” like that were stupid, but now they come back like flashbacks with all the other trauma. I realize now that they really mean something. Fairy Terry and Fairy Kerry don’t know shit. Their family doesn’t know shit. The top secret government programs don’t know shit. Most of that stuff was destroyed ages ago. The only way anyone ever found out about MK Ultra was because of some duplicate financial records that didn’t get destroyed when they did. For decades and decades they ran tests and trained kids assassins, spies, and the like. Only about a dozen boxes of fiscal reports made it. Fairy Kerry and Fairy Terry don’t know crap. They sure don’t know me.

So while they are infuriating me, they are going to and staying at the absolute top of my list of dangers that need to be attacked and disabled. Because they have to always be “in control” they keep forcing it down my throat that they are “in control” and a serious threat to me and my family. I fight all the harder. As usual, they are complete morons. They are doing everything wrong in how to deal with me. They are just making me more focused and more determined…to neutralize them. That’s all I can think about.

These fools keep asking what I want so they can leverage it against me. I want them dead. That is the absolute top of every list I have. I do not get to live and neither does my family while the IdIoTTwins and their family live.

So my “husband” and I are binge watching shows on Prime today. I tried to ask how the last one ended. “Her dad had some plan”, mumbled at me. “What?” Same thing mumbled. “What plan? With who?” They have my husband scream at me, “I DON’T KNOW!” I answer, “I’m just asking.” “WELL, I ANSWERED! I DO NOT KNOW!” “So what? What if I asked 3 times? I just didn’t understand that you know absolutely nothing except her dad had a plan. I thought you wanted to watch this. We don’t have to watch it.” “NO! I wanted to watch it! I just don’t know what happened!” So now he’s sitting there, sulking in front of the tv with both bare feet pointing at the screen, looking like a dumb fuck. That’s not my real husband. I would never marry a loser like that. And there’s two of them. Pathetic identical loser twins. Two fools.

I will just keep documenting and sharing my witness and my experiences. That’s all I can do.

I thought it was too good to be true that my real husband would come down here and actually be supportive of me. I am always alone. I am always fighting for my life and those around me. I am always aware of danger, manipulations, and psychological operations.

People say to ignore it. They are clueless. Right now they are hurting my clitoris and my vagina as well as my nipples. All of that hurts like rape and hell. I am post menopause. They act like women get more sexual after periods. No. That’s not how it happens. The last thing I ever think about is sex. When it’s on my body I hurt like hell. Burning, bruised feeling, aching, like I’ve fallen on a boys bicycle as a girl. They are making me feel anger, releasing adrenaline, and making me shake with anger. They make my throat drug where I can’t even talk. They are in my face and literally in my body every second of every day. I cannot ignore them.

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