I Call for the IdIoTTwins to be Investigated!

Now we have the newest baby in our lives fighting for her life. It is too coincidental that every person in my family is always fighting for life. All of us have to deal with absolutely insane obstacles. No matter what happens to us something even worse happens later. At the very least these IdIoTTwins have to be completely incompetent idiots. They have no business being in charge of anything. They sure shouldn’t be in charge of any living person, animal, nor the land. They are always drunk, high, and obsessing about themselves.

Today they know we are worried sick about the baby and everywhere I turn there’s some big oily muscled long haired fool prancing around like a pony. I don’t care about their hair and posing while a baby is fighting to live. I don’t care about these IdIoTTwins. I don’t care what they look like now, what they are doing, what nonsensical ridiculous shallow stupid thing the are “in to” now. Who cares? They are 54 year old vapid fools worrying about their hair line instead of caring about people.

I want everything they do to be investigated. Everything. I want the food, drugs, alcohol they ingest investigated. I want to know how many hours they spend really working and exactly what they do. I want to know how much time they spend pampering themselves, including spa-like treatments and indulgences like food. I want to know what kind of upscale rich pamper medical treatment they get. I especially want to know who is monitoring their drug and alcohol abuse as well as their sex abuse. I want to know what “cocktail” of drugs they are using to “keep them steady”.

I want to know where every penny they have comes from, how they have it hidden and set for use. I want to know how many things fail that they are in charge of. I want to know the overall well being of the people in their care.

I want to know how much money and time is spent on useless stuff, like making movies, promoting total idiots like “The Impractical Jokers” and stupid stuff like that. I want to know how much of their time is spent on juvenile absurd and ignorant shallow entertainments when they could be managing real people with real needs.

I do not think “AquaMan” nor “Impractical Jokers” are more important than a child fighting for her life. This is what the IdIoTTwins kept shoving down my throat for the last 8 hours. I know that they just wasted the last 8 hours of my life and didn’t do anything useful for the children. I hate the kind of humor of impractical jokers. I hate oily ignorant men flinging their hair around in every scene self obsessed girls. Men or women more worried about their hair than real life are just disturbing. Everything about Terry is disturbing and Kerry is just a spare Terry. They are identical useless.

I want to know how many good ideas they have stolen from people they are supposed to be “managing”. They pretend they take these good ideas and use them, but then repay the person in some sneaky way. No. They don’t reimburse at all. If anything the more good ideas you have, the worse your life gets. As your life is in constant chaos and turmoil, you don’t have time to really notice what’s going on with the behind the scenes craziness. They keep you so tied up that time flies by and eventually you think to yourself, “How can every good idea I’ve had in the last decade was done by some person in some other part of the country, but I can never even get to have one normalish week in a decade?” It slowly dawns on you that you are being used, but instead of your life getting better, it gets more complicated and harder. I want that looked into.

I cannot list all the things I want investigated about those IdIoTTwins, but basically I think every hair on their heads needs to be counted, every breath accounted for, and every second of every day micromanaged the way they micromanage all of us. Yet, they can’t help with anything. No matter what is discovered I do not think they deserve any help with anything.

Most of all I want to know when they are getting out of the lives of me and my family.

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