Politically incorrect CONTINUED

I had to stop writing the previous entry. (Sarcasm) For some reason I suddenly could not type. I could type but I was stuck in lag world again. Everytime something happens that the IdIoTTwins don’t like, I am suddenly waiting for the letters to appear on the screen. Almost like it’s being manipulated while I am writing. Also the IdIoTs want me to know they are reading it. Of course they are reading it. Who do you think I am writing to? They have to micro-stalk me all the time. Then they can see how I really feel whether they like it or not. I really do think they are incestuous inbred and have a very intimate and sexual relationship. I also think their mother had sex with them as kids. Maybe even now. I don’t know when momma quits letting them “nurse”. These people are devil worshippers. They think that anything that perverts the natural order gives them special dark, negative power. When we are shocked by what they do, they think they stopped our power and they gained our power. Our misery is power for them to feed on. That’s what they believe. It’s what they practice on a regular basis.

You can be naive and that is energy they also take for themselves. Nothing is funnier to them than to use your nice and kind actions and twist them so that bad comes from them or they are ineffectual. They think that makes them powerful. They cannot be rehabilitated because they have never been normal. They are a plague on humanity and really should be killed. At the very least they should be in prison and separated from each other. Permanently. But in prison people just get more negative power, more connections to really bad people, and street cred. It is not really going to help to put these monsters in prison. They need to be killed.

Evil people believe in the power of trauma as negative power. They will molest their kids to teach them. They teach that pain is good and that it makes them strong. I am sure that those IdIoTTwins believe in molestation. They have often said around me that if being homosexual is ok, then might as well have sex with kids too…and animals. I have no idea if they have sex with animals. They have certainly spread the rumors that say I am a witch and that I have sex with animals. It’s ridiculous. I am not a devil worshipper. I am a basic Protestant who had a carpenter, Navy dad, who cussed a lot. I picked up some bad stuff and thanks to R rated movies I added some extra in some kind of PTSD creativity when I get started. That does not make me a witch. I am actually a very flawed human, but I am not practicing anything mean.

I am as mean as possible with these IdIoTTwins. I have found they believe in the struggle of life as some sort of power once again. If I don’t fight, then they keep pushing me until I snap. It’s better for me to fight them all the time anymore. They act like I don’t have a job. Actually my job is to fight them. I can’t wait until their mom dies. They will be so weak and I am going to rip them apart. They are going to find out how broken I was when they killed my sister…sort of. It won’t be any pain at all compared to what I went through, but for their pampered, baby-ish, plush lives it will seem like the most horrendous pain imaginable. Also they will be lost and confused. They won’t know what to do without mommy around to tell them what to do. I am going to tell them what to do. They can shut up and sit down. That’s just for starters. Anything I tell them to do they will fight really hard not to do. I am going to push all their buttons at once. Even telling straight out what I am going to do, they are so weak that they won’t be able to keep from reacting.

Kerry Fairy and Terry Fairy, shut the fuck up! Get the fuck out of my life! Keep stalking me and I am going to keep ripping your sagging, wrinkled, stinky old balls and feed them to the other one. I am going to pick your manhood apart and force feed you with it…every single day off the rest of your lives. I will never have mercy on you, even if you begged me. You won’t take “no” as an answer…bullshit. I am telling you “no” and you are going to take it. Go fuck each other Terry and Kerry Fairy and shut the fuck up! Hard to talk with your brother dick in your mouth. I remember how 69 is your favorite number for both of you. Ummmhmmm. It all comes together now.

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